The Russian Uranium Deal and Spain’s Coup D’etat

The two current events that most symbolize govt corruption and repression are, not surprisingly, absent from the headlines. After all, the last thing the govt and their lackeys in the media can afford is for people to know the truth, and the facts surrounding the Catalan independence vote and the selling of uranium to Russia by the Obuma-Clinton cartel would be devastating to the establishment.

After the Catalan vote in Spain on October 1st, Twisted posed the question – The People Have Spoken – Will Govt Listen? After voting 90% in favor of independence, the establishment govt in Madrid has spoken loud and clear – Franco’s fascist govt is back. The central govt in Spain, the EU, and the USA are doing everything in their power to hide the plague, called freedom and democracy, and keep it from spreading.

Fortunately, the people still have a say.  Since the Catalon vote three weeks ago, voters in Austria and the Czech Republic have voted for anti-establishment candidates … and expect the trend to continue with Italian elections next Spring.  As was exposed with the Spanish beat-down of peaceful voters in Catalon, the more the establishment tries to stop the contagion from spreading, the more govt desperation is exposed, and the faster the anti-establishment movement spreads.

Govt’s may rally behind the motto, “the beatings will continue until morale improves”, but it will not stop the anti-establishment movements for the simple reason they are economics based, and it is establishment policies that are killing economies. By necessity, the people tend to rally behind the motto quoted by Gerald Celente, “when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it”.

The second big story that the mainstream media prays will disappear, as evident by the fact there was not a peep on the Sunday shows, is the Russian uranium deal, which Twisted first reported in June, 2016. Who does not think it is important that Obama, Hillary, and others authorized the sale of 20% of our uranium production to the Russians, much of it the form of weapons grade yellow cake, that has not been tracked? Who should not care that the Clinton Foundation took in hundreds of millions in donations from Uranium One board members and other interested parties to the deal, or that Slick Willie asked for a meeting with the Russian nuclear official and got paid $500K for a speech in Russia in advance of the Uranium One deal? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. Besides, what difference does it make?

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