Weins”teen” & Eps”teen”, Two Pedophiles in a Pod

The mainstream media has finally admitted that Hollywood is infested with child sex trafficking. The only thing this good article forget to mention is the Eps”teen” Island sex junket that Slick Willie frequented, and Twisted wrote about in June, 2016. I wonder how the Obama girls feel about their parents getting them jobs working for Weins”teen”, when everyone, especially the Obama’s security detail, knew he was a slime ball?

As we have seen in the financial sector, govt, and every place were fraud and corruption are not prosecuted, it grows like a cancer; and when corruption goes unchecked, the economy declines along with confidence as capital seeks safety and people leave when taxes are raised to pay for increased govt  perks and power. This is deflationary, and is devastating for govt’s that believed they could reduce debt through inflation. 

The unequal enforcement of the rule of law is killing our economy, and it will kill Hollywood. People, including powerful politicians, not only knew about the abuses of Weins”teen” and Eps”teen”, they participate in the abuses. As was confirmed yesterday, the Obuma-Clinton Cash machine, along with other career politicians, have sold us down the river … and if it was up to establishment voters, they would not only take away our paddles, but they would chop off our hands. 

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