Don’t expect facts, exposed fraudsor rational discussion to deter misguided idealist from believing that pollution is related to our always changing climate and that global warming is real. Even when the cooling downtrend takes another leg down in the coming decade, the rationalizer’s will be chanting from their caves and cardboard homes that the coming Maunder Minimum was caused by the reduced energy requirements caused by the economic depression they enabled.


Like the leftist “useful idiots” that blame capitalism, instead of their govt handlers; or the anti-gay Catholics that pray to their gay orgy-loving and pedophile leaders; their brethren in the “green” denomination do not care or see the consequences of their strong faith. They simply do not want to hear a message that goes against their beliefs. Junk science, fake news, manipulated economic data, and other forms of propaganda light the way while they sleep walk.

Even if the truth is presented factually and with transparent reason, in a fairly calm and straightforward manner, they will not acknowledge the truth any more than establishment politicians will look in the mirror and blame themselves for the policies THEY passed that caused the current economic deterioration. They set up ideological strawmen and Utopian shibboleths like firewalls against reality and hide behind them.

I have tried dressing it up in different ways; with humor, sarcasm, and rational discussion. Unlike the leftist that terrorize the streets, I have learned that one cannot effectively deliver a message if it is written on a brick. Unfortunately, broke govt’s and their Utopian followers always must run head first into fortified brick walls before real change occurs.

Leave it to the Brits to capture the insanity – Yes Prime Minister Global Warming

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