Happy Memorial Day!



With global economies contracting under the weight of govt over-spending, corruption, and mismanagement, the age-old distractive tactic of war is once again looming.

For over 60 years the US govt has preyed on patriotism and national pride to push brave, but naïve young people into harms way to mask govt incompetence and irresponsibility, or to do the bidding for the military industrial complex. Ever since the Vietnam War that killed over 58,000, which was started by the Gulf of Tonkin false flag, which Johnson later admitted to, govt and their captive media have been perfecting their propaganda.

The recent conflicts in Iraq, Ukraine, and Syria have all been about energy, and trying to create a foreign boogieman that can be blamed. Pull up a map of the gas pipelines that provide Russian gas to Europe and see where the hubs lie. They are in Ukraine and Syria. Look what countries want to replace Russian gas with their own gas pipelines. That would be Saudi Arabia and Qatar, where our biggest military bases reside. Look where the biggest oil find is that is 10 times that of the Saudi find, and controlled by the Who’s Who of the military industrial complex. That would be the Golan Heights and Genie Energy. If you want to know why our govt cares about China and the South China Sea, look up the methane find under S. China Sea, called “flammable ice”.

We have plenty of energy sources to meet our demands, and the recent find in Alaska insures we do not need to sacrifice any more innocent lives so political donors can have their way with appalling politicians.

Honor our military by never putting them in harms way for political purposes. Invoke de facto term limits by voting out every incumbent, every election so political purposes are minimized along with the returns from lobbyist’s investments (bribes).

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