There’s More Oil in The Golan Heights than in Saudi Arabia

Since the mainstream media works extremely hard to keep important facts from you, and feed you only with propaganda, it would be easy to miss this important story, which is one of the driving forces behind the CIA-initiated war in Syria. The other driving force that we’ve written about extensively is the desire by the US to replace Russian supplied gas to Europe with gas from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which just happens to be where the US’s biggest military bases are located in the middle East.

We also know that the conflicts in the Middle East have been fought over oil since it was first discovered in Saudi Arabia in the late 1930’s. So, how many innocent lives do you think will be sacrificed over the Golan Heights discover, which is 10 times bigger than the Saudi find?

As you ponder this next military industry complex boondoggle, which Twisted wrote about 17 months ago, consider that over $6 TRILLION of our hard-earned income has gone to fund the Iraq war, started with known lies. Over 4,400 fellow citizens are dead, 32,000 wounded, and God knows how many are suffering through physiological pain from seeing atrocities that they knew where caused by govt lies … and Syria is turning out to be worse.
The deadly Welfare-Warfare game has been going on for decades, which has been summarized nicely at The Burning Platform (and Part 2) . Over 80 years ago, Smedley Butler thwarted an attempted coup by 24 wealthy businessmen and financiers to overthrow the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and replace it with a fascist government. So, don’t overlook the sickness of establishment sociopaths, like Soros, who want to reshape the world in their image. You can say many bad things about these Collectivists, but the one thing you cannot say is they’re quitters … and they will not quit as long as the Utopian thinkers keep believing in Unicorns that sh*t rainbows.
More examples of the false flags that got us into wars can be found here. If we let them, you can be certain that thousands more innocent lives will be sacrificed to create false flags to get the masses worked up enough to say, ya, go get them bastards.
The next question for young men AND women to consider is when will the draft be imposed? Even though the govt has destroyed job prospects, driven tuitions through the roof, and dumbed down education – making our youth perfect targets for the military recruiters; the young people I talk to don’t seem to be falling for the faux patriotism like they used to, which means the draft can’t be far behind.
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