Trump Trumped – Deja Vu All Over Again

Since Armstrong has more personal experience behind the curtain than any blogger, reporter, or talking head, it will be interesting to see how his twist on the latest Syrian false flag plays out. If we see more articles like the one out of Australia, that finally links the US govt to the replacement of Russian gas through Syria with gas lines from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, then you will know how desperate the establishment is to bring down Trump. However, if the media continues to sell the poison gas false flag, and ignore the energy connection, then Trump is either a moron for believing this false flag, which he condemned the first time it was tried; or he has caved into the military industrial complex and become exactly what he campaigned against. Either way, we have been duped, and if you have kids of draft age (girls or boys), plan accordingly.

In 2013, Twisted noted the “Truman Show ” being orchestrated by the establishment would continue to paint an alternative reality to justify fraudulent and unconstitutional acts. It doesn’t matter if it’s Bush, Obama, or Trump, as long as the sheeple believe or put up with this BS, the funding and application of the standing army our founders warned against must be justified. BTW, can anyone explain what we owe Qatar or Saudi Arabia that would justify sacrificing our blood and treasure so they get the European gas business?

If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be comical to think the establishment actually believes in Ground Hog Day. Usually they have to wait a generation for people to forget govt’s mistakes and frauds. Now, they think four years is all it takes for people to forget the proven lies from the last poison gas false flag. Has anyone, besides Denninger, discussed the lack of protection worn by the people treating the people that were exposed to Sarin gas?  At least the majority of people polled by Mish are calling BS on this establishment false flag.

As noted in “The Trump Blind Spot“, “it is this patriotic blind spot that gave us the rights-abusing Patriot Act, the Iraq war, the Vietnam war, and could bring us Martial Law and WWIII, if we don’t hold Trump accountable”. After siding with the establishment on the replacement of Obumacare, Trump definitely needs to placed under a microscope by his supporters, and if he does receive the Nobel Peace Prize, that Israel recommended and Obuma received, get ready for WWIII.

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