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Climate Depot’s 43-page Report to UN Climate Summit

If you are tired of being a pawn for the bureaucrats, then download the “2016 State of the Climate Report” at the bottom of this linked post.

How many Democrats have called BS on their party’s blatant frauds? The war on poverty has created more poverty. The war on drugs has destroyed more lives unnecessary than the bogus war on terror. The war on racism has produced more racism. Occupy Wall Street resulted in zero bankster prosecution and increased wealth disparity due to manipulated asset prices.

Do Democrats think these results are accidents? As WikiLeaks has exposed, the one thing the establishment does not do is leave their perky careers to chance. Everything is planned, and never is the advertised benefit the intended output. This is why the Trump win was so traumatic. Democrats continue to believe the propaganda. However, they could not manipulate all of the voters.

The biggest example of this self-interested, corrupt system is the propaganda behind global warning, which is the perfect tax con because who likes pollution. The problem of course is global warming (or cooling) has nothing to do with pollution, but it does allow govt to play God and take money out of the pockets of producers and put it into the pockets of donors. This cronyism is why all the govt wars; be it poverty, drugs, terrorism or real wars; have produced more of what they claim to fight, and the war on carbon will only produce more unscrubbed carbon and less prosperity for developed economies.

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The Big Election Losers: Colleges, Polls, & Corruption

The pundits couldn’t say it enough – Clinton leads among college-educated voters, and Trumps only supporters are uneducated whites. We have known for a long time that test scores have been declining for decades. We now have further proof that our captured, establishment education system is a complete failure. To believe that Hillary should even be a candidate takes huge hubris-filled cojones, or the curiosity of a gnat.

I compared the pollsters to the captured ratings agencies leading into the financial crisis, who rated baskets of subprime mortgages AAA. The polls were an extension of the captured, propaganda media, and both deserve the same fate – bankruptcy.

The biggest Loser was corruption. No matter how much collusion existed between the political establishment, big money on Wall Street, Big Pharma, and the military industrial complex they could not Trump the American spirit.

After the Brexit vote I said I would bet all comers a steak dinner that Trump would win. People around the world are tapped out and tired of funding self-centered, inept, and corrupt career politicians. Needless to say Ruth’s Chris and Bern’s will be seeing me often.

Unexpected setbacks can serve as great learning experiences. It was the financial crisis that caught me totally off guard and caused me to do the deep dive into the causes. The investigation opened my eyes to the level of systemic fraud and corruption between govt, Wall Street, ratings agencies, and regulators. The deeper I dug, the more corruption was uncovered, including within my beloved Republican Party.

It took a couple of years to finally realize that the Republican Party was really the establishment party. I hope Democrats will use this experience to do their deep dive. I know it might be harder for a Democrat to reject the establishment, since they tend to depend on govt for cradle to grave support. However, the sooner you learn that the political promises were lies the faster you can move through the stages of grief. You will also learn a great deal about history, what once made America great, and why Hillary had no chance.

The big winner – common sense.

The big concern -Trump’s life. The desperate establishment and their dependents are the true crazies. Trump needs to lay low and beef up his security. The other concern is a preemptive war. Anything is possible when the establishment has so much to lose.

The next losers – Merkel, Hollande, the euro, and EU bureaucrats. Brexit was the first shot across the bow of the establishment. Trump has scored a direct hit, and based on the immigration crisis that Merkel enabled and Hollande’s socialistic policies that are destroying the French economy, both leaders could easily go down in their respective elections next year. Europe’s debt problems will eventually destroy the euro in the next couple of years, and the bureaucrats in Brussels should follow suit. The global elites will not give up their dream of ruling the world, so diligence is still necessary.

We Are a Banana Republic

When FBI Director Comey announced that he was re-opening the case against Hillary after information was discovered on Anthony Wiener’s computers, several people with inside connections predicted that Comey would come out before the election and state that nothing new had been found, defusing the smoking gun of unsecured confidential emails, and giving the sheeple the blinders they needed to ignore the obvious. Well, their prediction has come true, and we have officially become a Banana Republic. When the rule of law gets hijacked by the political elite, there is absolutely nothing that prevents them from doing what ever they desire.

Despite the documented emails, that showed Hillary and the leadership of the Democrat Party knew that ISIS is funded by the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who also gave millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary headed the State Department, and Hillary, in turn, approved the sale of massive amounts of weapons to the Saudis who ultimately armed ISIS, captured Comey says there is nothing to see here, move on. Even though Hillary ordered her maid, who obviously did not have security clearance, to print out confidential emailsor Hillary’s closest confidant, Uma Abedine, has proven connections to Saudi radicals, Comey and his handlers want to believe that the informed Patriots will accept this travesty of justice. As they say, it ain’t over until Hillary Clinton sings – like a jail bird.

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Hillary’s Fight for Children Takes a Clintonian Turn

For all you prim and proper Democrats and man-haters that were horrified and disgusted by Trump bragging about grabbing some p*ssy, I would love to hear your rationalization for voting for Hillary when you learn, in addition to her being a prolific liar and “queen of corruption”, that she is also a pedophile.

Oh, and if you think Dr. Steve Pieczenik would risk the liable charges by making such claims without having the goods, then you still believe Saddam had WMD’s and Bill did not have sex with that woman.

Even without this new information, Bill should be required to register as a sex offender to alert the residents around 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Poor Chelsea. She has learned another life lesson – you don’t get to pick your parents.

Based on their complete rejection of the establishment, Republican voters learned their lesson from the lies about WMD’s, Saudi involvement in 9/11, the lack of fiscal responsibility, and many other lies.  Blacks and Unicorn believers have learned their lesson with Obama, who is the only President in U.S. history without at least one year of GDP growth over 3%, even after doubling the debt – including during the Great Depression.

With Obamacare premiums and taxes set to go sky high under Hillary, Hillary would break Obama’s dismal economic record, and certainly drag us into another World War. I hope Hillary supporters are better at objectively looking at the facts and history, instead of repeating the same mistakes. However, based on the parroting of the propaganda media I hear from Democrats, I am not very confident. I know the previous Rasmussen poll showed that over 70% of Democrats would still vote for Hillary if she was indicted. I hope they draw a line with pedophilia.

Why do Democrats / Socialists Ignore the Obvious?

A few years ago I posted the 1984 interview with Yuri Bezmenov, a former Soviet KGB defector, who tried to warn Americans about the subversion tactics that have been successfully implemented in the US since the 60’s. If you want to better understand the current political, educational, and economic craziness, and why your Democratic family member or friend is unable to see the facts staring them in the face regarding the massive systemic fraud and corruption in their precious Party, and the establishment in general, then watch the video. If you only have a few minutes, then jump to the 1:07:30 mark. The demoralization phase has come and gone, and we are within a couple of years of the short crisis and normalization phases.

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