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“You’re Not Laughing Now”

You gotta love Nigel Farage, especially when he tells the bureaucrats in Brussels to their face that they have probably never held a proper job or employed one person that was not paid for by someone else’s money.


I started highlighting Farage’s truth telling in front of the EU bureaucrats back in 2013, wishing someone like him would emerge in the US. Granted, Trump falls a bit short in the class category, but he has been the only one with big enough balls to stand up to the establishment.  As much as I wish Trump would go to school on Farage, it doesn’t matter. The cat is out of the bag. As long as Trump is not assassinated, I will take any and all steak dinner bets that Trump wins the election.

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Why Trump Does NOT Need a Big Campaign Budget

The establishment politicians and media have been crowing that the Clinton campaign budget dwarfs that of Trumps, as if wasting money on a borage of negative ads is a good thing. What they fail to realize is that they themselves are providing the fodder to gun down their failed and fraudulent policies and messages, which also proves how out of touch they are with the root problems destroying the world economy. Why spend money when your opponents are doing your job for you?

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The Propaganda Behind Guns

The latest propaganda on guns states that people on a no-fly or FBI list should not be able to buy guns. Ignoring the mistakes and politically-motivated reasons that would result in innocent people finding themselves on a list or that these people should already fail a normal background check, the Collectivist and naïve sheeple want sane people to believe that crazy criminals are going to stop buying guns if they are illegal. These are the same manipulative thinkers or non-thinkers that believe making drugs illegal will eliminate drugs, or caused prohibitionist to believe they could eliminate the drinking of alcohol.

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Obama’s 5-Point Plan to Thwart Domestic Terrorism

In a move that has left his cronies and sheeple dumbfounded, President Obama has announced a 5-Point Plan to thwart domestic terrorism and stimulate the economy.

First, he will cut the TSA budget to fund infrastructure and training projects that will provide gun ranges and gun safety and shooting classes for every town in the country. The President cited Switzerland’s low gun violence record as an example, where all citizens are expected to retain their military weapon after service.

Second, all “soft targets” will be eliminated by permitting concealed carry permit holders to carry anywhere they choose. The President stated that he found it oddly coincidental that all of the mass shootings around the world occurred where guns are not permitted. Fired TSA agents that prove they can walk and chew gum at the same time will be reassigned as security guards at public “soft targets” (i.e. schools, churches, movie theatres, malls, etc.).

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Why a Lawless Hillary Equals the Greatest Depression

If anyone needs more evidence as to why our economy and free society are circling the drain, look no further than this Rasmussen poll, that shows half of those polled, and 71% of Democrats, think Hillary should still run for president IF INDICTED. Do these people not understand the impact of lawlessness on an economy? It’s not a coincidence that the poorest countries in the world are also the most corrupt. Maybe now that a former Secret Service Agent, that stood guard at the Clinton White House, has blown the whistle on how the Clintons operate, some might wake up. If Snowden is any example, Gary Byrne better be ready for his character to be thoroughly assassinated. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if the media pointed the finger at the wrong-doer instead of shooting the messenger?


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