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Bernie Sets Himself on Fire

Bernie’s supporters talk about feeling “the Bern”, as metaphor to describe their fervent identification with Sanders’ Socialist ideals. Well, in an act of true leadership, Bernie leads by example by “berning” himself. In what can only be described as self-immolation, Bernie refuses to answer a simple and direct question about what his Socialist policies have done to Socialist Mecca’s, like Venezuela. Venezuela does demonstrate why Socialism ALWAYS fails. So, why didn’t Bernie take the opportunity to contrast how his form of “Democratic Socialism” is different from all the other forms of Socialism that have failed throughout history?
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How “Trailer-trash” Hillary Will Crash & Burn

How do powerful people typically crash and burn? In a word, hubris.

After decades of getting away with murder, literally, the Billary cycle is rolling over and is set to implode like all bubbles that have been artificially inflated. Many have been forecasting Hillary’s decline ever since Hillarycare, but they did not foresee how many math-impaired Sheeple the Dept of Education has produced over the last four decades. Others thought the Ukrainian false-flag or Benghazi gun running to Syrian “freedom fighters” (that became ISIS) was enough to sink the USS Hillary, but they forget how well the “war on terror” propaganda sells in a highly patriotic county like the US. Finally, Hillary certainly could not beat the wrap for running all of her correspondence through a private server run out of a bathroom closet, could she? Well, even after seeing so many vote for a President simply because he was half-black, even though he had no experience or record of implementing change, the “Hillary truther’s” failed to comprehend how many would vote for a woman, simply because she was a bi-sexual that can surf the coat-tails of her sleazeball husband.

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A Scary New Propaganda Tool for Govt.

If you think it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction now, just wait until govt’s propaganda machine gets their hands on this technologyThe video demonstrates how any third party actor can be used to manipulate facial expressions of real people on TV. Now, govt won’t need to simply lie about events, they can use old footage of their villain and have them personally deliver the lie.

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The Role of Today’s Media – Distract, Fib, and Confuse

Where did Transgender people go to the bathroom and who was complaining before this manufactured media/govt distraction?  The latest efforts of the mainstream presstitutes to distract the masses from the important economic issues that are literally distroying the world economy, and will produce civil unrest and destructive wars, is disgraceful, and is the primary reason so many people are turning against the establishment.

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