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Former Speaker Hastert Sentenced for Sexual Abuse

What did you think when you heard that Denny Hestert was sentenced to 15 months for abusing teenagers? Did you think how can 15 months compensate for a lifetime of anguish? What about the Jerry Sandusky case, where so many people ignored the obvious to protect their self-interest? What about all of the Catholic priests that have destroyed so many kid’s lives, receiving little or no consequences? What’s worse about the Hestert case is that he held public office. Let me explain.

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Obama to Make Refugee Crisis Worse

The Syrian refugee crisis, made worse by career politicians like Merkel, will never be solved by career politicians, no matter how much the citizens disagree with the bureaucrats. The problem will also not be solved in a non-violent way by pushing the European economy off the cliff, which is being done by the influx of refugees, economic immigrants, and radical Muslims that have an explicit Caliphate strategy of making Muslims a majority through all mean necessary, including rape.

Obama putting more boots on the ground in Syria to support his “no boots on the ground” promises is only going to make Europe’s refugee crisis worse, as well as ours. The irony, or should I say propaganda, is that the troops we are providing are going to help overthrow Assad, not fight ISIS, so Russian gas lines can be replaced with lines from our buddies and 9/11 co-conspirators, Saudi Arabia. I guess the previously abandoned project, which costs $500 million and netted only a handful of trained soldiers, was not a big enough boondoggle.

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Proof Healthcare is Rigged at Your Expense

We have been documenting the collusion between govt and healthcare companies for as long as we have written about govt collusion with Wall Street, Defense, and any company that has enough money to donate to political campaigns to keep politicians employed, and living outside the laws they pass. However, it’s refreshing to see a govt official actually admit under oath that they ignore the law when it applies to healthcare companies. Yep, John Koskinen, Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, admitted in a Circuit Appeals Court reply that “he did not and will not investigate and collect taxes, from the taxpayers identified giving and receiving kickbacks”.

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Open Letter to “Our Principles PAC”

RE: Why Anti-Trump Groups are Failing

Dear Ms. Packer;

You are failing for the simple reason that you represent the establishment (the system of career politicians that accumulates absolute power that is sold to the highest bidder). The anti-establishment trend that is  sweeping the globe from the US and Britain, to France, Germany, Spain, Austria, and beyond, are the result of career politicians supporting their self-interest (job, perks, and power) at the expense of our freedoms and rights, which are essential for a robust economy.  Govt only consumes. It pretends to care, but is dependent on the economy and debt, whose Ponzi scheme has come to an end.

Your belief that anyone is better than Trump, assumes the White Knight that would magically arise from a brokered (fraudulent) convention would not be an establishment pawn. If you put forth a real non-establishment candidate, then you might have a chance of defeating Trump. However, since your objective is to support an establishment system that is responsible for the destruction of our economy and society, such action would be antithetical to your goals and success. As a result, the voter is expected to choose between a “useful idiot“, like Sanders, and two establishment criminals and bankster pawns, like Clinton and Cruz, who must collude with Kasich to even have a wet dream.

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Hillary and Her Supporters will Destroy the Economy

First, I want to get one thing on the table. Many career Republicans have played a big roll in destroying the economy and our society by falling for the propaganda of patriotism that has been used to sell every war since WWII. Most Presidential candidates continue to play the nationalistic patriot card, even though it should be obvious that the conflicts are fought for the self-interest of bureaucrats, and have little to do with protecting the homeland.

However, Hillary represents a special kind of evil that is only possessed by the most crooked of career politicians. As reported by acclaimed investigative journalist, Sharyl Attkison, Hillary broke the law setting up her own server as Secretary of State, and then in the cover-up of the scandal. She was also directly responsible for the gun running to the Syrian rebels that became ISIS, and resulted in the Benghazi massacre, that killed the gun running point man, Ambassador Stevens. Yet, too many voters will cast their vote for this disgrace of a human being and to womanhood. Why?

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ClimateGate: A Very Costly Fraud

On my way to work the other day, NPR was covering Friday’s photo op signing session to further propagandize the “landmark climate change accord that came out of negotiations at the COP21 climate summit last December in Paris”. They kept using the phrase “reduce climate change”. Does this mean they think man can reduce the variability of the change in our climate that has been occurring long before man walked upright?  Or did they mean “reduce global warming”, but were afraid to utter the previous propaganda term “global warming” because the planet has not actually been warming, as their doctored data would have us believe?

Bernie recently went for the propaganda “two-for” by urging Hillary “to support him on a TAX on carbon emission to curb climate change and support universal health care”, as if Obamacare has not done enough damage. Since we know you get less of what you tax, why isn’t there a tax on govt waste and hot air, or better yet the exponential rise in health care costs, caused by CONgress passing anti-competitive legislation and the regulators not enforcing EXISTING EPA laws and anti-trust laws against their donors? Govt could put the windfall proceeds back into Social Security, which they looted and replaced with soon-to-be-worthless Treasury IOU’s.

As we should know, the reason nothing logical gets done is the same reason the GOVT regulators at the SEC and CFTC did not enforce existing laws, and the Justice Dept has not prosecuted even one bankster executive for well-document sub-prime mortgage frauds and manipulations of interest rates, foreign currencies, and precious metals – the self-interest of those in govt is greater than the interest of the Sheeple, who they hope are still distracted watching Dancing with the Stars. However, as the global anti-establish movement is exhibiting, the world economy is finally getting bad enough that people have gotten up off their couch because they no longer have one.

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Things are Getting Interesting

When the paychecks of politicians start getting withheld due to insolvency, then you know things are bad, and about to get worse for taxpayers, as politicians will redirect their pain to the masses faster than you can say “increasing taxes slows growth”.

Since Central Bankers will maintain interest rates as low as possible for as long as possible to prevent the excessive govt debt from blowing sky high, it will not only be Chicago pensions that find themselves insolvent. As Chicago and other bankrupt govt’s have also realized, raising taxes to paper over govt lies and mismanagement only weakens the economy more, as businesses and people simply leave. So, what is a desperate govt to do when they are unwilling to look in the mirror and admit their mistakes? The answer can be found in your 401K and IRA.

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The Obamascare Death Spiral

I’ve always liked math, probably because there is no ambiguity. It’s either right or wrong, or said another way, there is no politics in math. In the case of Obamacare, formally known as the Affordable Care Act, the math just simply did not add up, and the problems were known. Anyone that did not sleep through 5th grade math class could deduce that Obamacare was unaffordable, and would result in a death spiral of diminished care, because costs would continue to rise exponentially faster than people’s ability to pay. Since the cost problem was never addressed, insurers would have to raise premiums or pull out of the system, which has already happened in several states.

This exponential math problem is the result of a fraudulent healthcare system that is infected with the same cronyism disease that has infected the other industrialized complexes that have leached onto a too powerful govt that not only requires too much money, but doles out preferential treatment to the highest bidder, which destroys the free market’s ability to provide the most value at the best price. This problem, that so many thought would not occur because they simply ignored it, will come to a head in 2017, due to the dubble whammy of costs rising exponentially and the low returns in Social Security due to ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy).


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Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

Goldman Sachs “agreed” to pay another $5.06 billion in fines for its role in the mortgage fraud, and Wells Fargo paid $1.2 Billion more for deceiving the govt over its mortgage fraud. Why anyone voluntarily still has any assets with these fraudulent institutions (which also includes Bank of America, Citi, and JP Morgan Chase) is a bigger mystery than how anyone could vote for Hillary.

By now everyone should know that Goldman Sachs was the top contributor to Obama’s campaign, is the biggest contributor to Hillary’s, and besides giving Ted Cruz a loan, Cruz’s wife is a Managing Director at Goldman.

After the govt cracked down on Salomon Brothers in the late 90’s (later to become part of the fraudulent takeover by Traveler’s and merger with Citi), Goldman made a strategic decision that the best way to avoid a similar fate was to own DC. Starting with the Robert Ruben – Bill Clinton partnership, which ushered in the era of “transactional banking” with the neutering of Glass-Steagall, and eliminating the ability to expunge student loan debt through bankruptcy (some of the history can be found here) Goldman has not looked back.

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