Shall We Be Slaves or Men Set Free?

Hungary’s Prime Minister Orban, like UKIP’s Nigel Farage, speaks truth to power, and tells the UNELECTED bureaucrats is Brussels to shove their Utopian nightmare where the sun doesn’t shine. I encourage you to listen/read the entire speech about Hungary being forced to take an unlimited number of refugees that would destroy the Hungarian culture, customs, and way of life. The final paragraph, a call to action, is provided below:

“Hungarian’s and Poles have been taught that one can only look danger in the face if one is brave enough. We must therefore drag the ancient virtue of courage out from under the silt of oblivion. First we must put steel in our spines, and we must answer clearly, with a voice loud enough to be heard far and wide, the foremost, the single most important question determining our fate. The question upon which the future of Europe stands or falls is this: Shall we be slaves or men set free – That is the question, answer me!”.

If Trump were to make the same speech, he would be labeled a Mexican-hating Xenophobe. Those that criticize Trump, and naively dream of a world of open boarders and unlimited govt deficits, where we all sit around the campfire singing kumbaya, conveniently ignore the reality – like ICE, that continues to release ILLEGAL alien criminals back on the street to commit MURDER, or how the Middle East policy of their past (Obama) and future (Hitlary) leaders created the mess that produced the refugee crisis.

Granted, the Republican war-mongers, that use patriotism to sell asset-stripping chaos to satisfy their military industrial complex donors, are equally at fault. However, it has been the Obama-Hitlary-Kerry regime that has produced the current policy debacle that has led to the massive inflow of refugees into Europe, which is likely to be the straw that breaks the back of the bankrupt socialist experiment (again). So, why are the “useful idiots” protesting against Trump instead of Hitlary?

If the youth realized it was Clinton who abolished the means to discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy, and rescinded Glass-Steagall (which was at the heart of the financial crisis, since it enabled investment banks to speculate with Granny’s deposits and over-leverage with unregulated derivatives), then they may want to redirect their anger. Who do they think wants to make them debt slaves to pay for all of the over-spending needed to cover up the govt waste and fraud?

There is a vision for the youth that will set them free, if they chose to open their eyes.


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