Are You Acting Like Indian?

Some may believe in conspiracies, even though it’s not necessary, since those suspected of conspiring are way too self-centered and stupid to pull it off. Others will not believe anything, because the truth is stranger than fiction, and therefore must be the result of blogger plant’s. While people should be aware of the age old propaganda techniques of telling very big lies and telling them often, it’s not necessary. All one really needs to do is act like an Indian and put their ear to the ground to determine if Govt is comin’ or goin’.

There are at least 40% of the population that still do not understand that more govt means less freedom and prosperity, and will want the govt to come riding to the rescue, even though 95% of our problems can be traced back to govt self interest, hubris, fraud, neglect, and incompetence – or in a word, largess. It is becoming increasingly obvious why the only anti-establishment candidate is being painted as a misogynistic bigot and hater of Mexicans and Muslims. Yet, career politicians and those that benefit from crony capitalism continue to pray on the unaware, hoping they buy the BS and will ignore the biggest bubble that is about to pop – govt bonds, and the largess they finance (with the interest paid to bankster donors, of course).

Armstrong’s unbiased and unemotional model predicted the rise of an anti-establishment candidate in 2016 over 30 years ago. It is not some magical crystal ball, but instead the willingness to objectively monitor the unchanging passions of man that causes history to repeat. Even if you don’t utilize the most powerful economic/political computing tool on the planet, which the govt desperately tried to shut down, all one really needs to do is listen to what is happening in the halls of socialist-like govt’s around the world.

The examples are everywhere for those that want to listen, and the more aggressive govt’s become to tax, penalize, and confiscate assets from the productive public to save their lifestyle, versus reforming, the more the economy spirals down into govt’s black hole, along with tax receipts. Since govt will never look in the mirror and admit their mistakes, they will continue sucking the life blood out of the economy, killing the Golden Goose.

As Sovereign Man reminds us, prosperity is like a Jenga tower, and govt has pulled out way too many pieces. While the methods used by desperate govt’s to dig in their heels may very, the fact is they have already started. Before the masses realize the Emperor has no clothes, and try to get their money out of the system, govt will impose capital controls to prevent any escape.

Whether the rebellion against the establishment takes the form of self-immolation, like the one in Tunisia that started the Arab Spring; or the separatist movements, like the one in Scotland and Spain; or a simple vote for Trump, the common lesson is that centrally-planned govt’s always fail, because when the people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.

There is a sustainable alternative to Socialism and Corporatism, and the first best hope is to eliminate the career politician, which will reduce the ROI of lobbyist. Since term-limits will never be proactively established, the public must do it by voting out every establishment candidate, every election, and that includes every past politician that couldn’t hack it in the real world. This is Step-1 of the 5-Steps we published in May 2013, that every citizen can do now.


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