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Democratic Socialism

The term Democratic Socialism, used to describe Bernie’s style of Socialism, makes it sound like if we had a true Democracy, the majority would vote for Socialism. If this were true, then one must believe that the majority of students who study hard to achieve A’s, would be happy to accept a “C”, sharing their success with the dropout who parties all night and never studies. If this were true, then we must also accept the fact the average grade for this lowest common denominator method of teaching would actually gravitate toward a “D”, as students see how little they can do to still get the Socialist “C”.

Regardless the form of centralized-planning, which have all been unsuccessfully tried, the results are similar – a lower standard of living. Not only does a lower standard of living make one’s life more difficult, it also does not produce enough wealth to address social concerns, like pollution. Anyone that has traveled to Russia, China, and the poorest countries of the world, which are all centrally planned, knows that they are also the most polluted places on earth.

The youth coming of age in the last eight years have faced a declining economy, which has made the enchantment with Socialism particularly appealing. In previous generations, youthful Utopian thoughts often dissipate with their first full-time job, when they see how much the govt takes from their paycheck. A little later, when they start paying attention to politics and realize how badly the govt wastes their hard-earned money, many more convert to being Republican. When Republicans realize that their politicians can lie and waste money just as efficiently as Democrats, then they vote for Trump.

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The Chinese Trump, Another Sign of the Times

Ren Zhiquiang is not only channeling his inner Trump because he is a real estate mogul, but more importantly due to his outspoken criticism of “the party”, that has found widespread support across China.

The Donald of China has used his 38 million Internet followers, many times the number of Trump’s Twitter account followers, to publicly chastise Chinese President Xi Jinping’s demands for Communist Party loyalty from the Chinese media.

The quotes below from Ren could easily have come from Trump, who is in a battle against the US political establishment, and their bought and paid for mouth pieces in the mainstream media.

“When did the people’s govt turn into the party’s govt?”

“Don’t use taxpayers’ money to do stuff that doesn’t provide sevices to the taxpayer”.

“The people have been tossed into a forgotten corner”.

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Another Republican Comes Clean

Former Fed Governor, Larry Lindsey, who also served Reagan and both Bush’s, provided a candid interview over the weekend. The two questions I have are: where are all the Democrats with a conscience, and why does Mr. Lindsey think the govt won’t confiscate gold again?

Besides Lindsey, other Republicans have fallen on their sword, including David Stockman and Paul Craig Roberts, exposing the elusion of freedom and how the brick wall is being built at the back of the theater. I would like to know what Democrats have come clean.

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” – Frank Zappa

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Shall We Be Slaves or Men Set Free?

Hungary’s Prime Minister Orban, like UKIP’s Nigel Farage, speaks truth to power, and tells the UNELECTED bureaucrats is Brussels to shove their Utopian nightmare where the sun doesn’t shine. I encourage you to listen/read the entire speech about Hungary being forced to take an unlimited number of refugees that would destroy the Hungarian culture, customs, and way of life. The final paragraph, a call to action, is provided below:

“Hungarian’s and Poles have been taught that one can only look danger in the face if one is brave enough. We must therefore drag the ancient virtue of courage out from under the silt of oblivion. First we must put steel in our spines, and we must answer clearly, with a voice loud enough to be heard far and wide, the foremost, the single most important question determining our fate. The question upon which the future of Europe stands or falls is this: Shall we be slaves or men set free – That is the question, answer me!”.

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Are You Acting Like Indian?

Some may believe in conspiracies, even though it’s not necessary, since those suspected of conspiring are way too self-centered and stupid to pull it off. Others will not believe anything, because the truth is stranger than fiction, and therefore must be the result of blogger plant’s. While people should be aware of the age old propaganda techniques of telling very big lies and telling them often, it’s not necessary. All one really needs to do is act like an Indian and put their ear to the ground to determine if Govt is comin’ or goin’.

There are at least 40% of the population that still do not understand that more govt means less freedom and prosperity, and will want the govt to come riding to the rescue, even though 95% of our problems can be traced back to govt self interest, hubris, fraud, neglect, and incompetence – or in a word, largess. It is becoming increasingly obvious why the only anti-establishment candidate is being painted as a misogynistic bigot and hater of Mexicans and Muslims. Yet, career politicians and those that benefit from crony capitalism continue to pray on the unaware, hoping they buy the BS and will ignore the biggest bubble that is about to pop – govt bonds, and the largess they finance (with the interest paid to bankster donors, of course).

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US Tax Payers Deliver 1st $500M Payment to GCF

This is the biggest boondoggle since the Clinton Foundation Slush Fund, with the added pain of being paid for by US tax payers – all $3 BILLION worth.  It’s a relief to know we have so much spare change sitting around. Although, I would have preferred to give the GCF the same treasury IOU’s that make up our Social Security misTrust Fund.

If this fraud does not exemplify why voters have turned against the establishment, nothing will, but I’m certain the establishment media will put lipstick on this albatross of a pig, and try to sell it as Obama saving the planet. Whether one believes in man-made global warming or not, a free country does not confiscate money from its citizens for anyone’s pet project, or preferred donor class.

Prosperity creates disposable income that can be donated to the preferred cause(s) of individuals, and increased prosperity follows the level of freedom and individual rights of a country. It is the loss of freedoms that is destroying the free flow of information, ideas, money, and thus economies of the developed world. The loss of freedom is occurring because broke govt’s are getting increasingly desperate to maintain the jobs, perks and power of career politicians. As Twisted has been documenting, the NSA is not about finding terrorist, but all about finding money.

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When will we see real political change?

Eric’s insights and analysis are unique and honest, which is redundant in the talk-your-book world of financial advice. The ability to let the market and reality speak instead of your biases, beliefs, preferences is difficult, even for the most seasoned investors and political pendants. Bernie may want a revolution, but his type of revolution is about 75 years old, and it’s about ready to crash into two huge icebergs, called debt and taxes.

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Advice for Trump and America

Armstrong has expanded on the “Solutions” in his recent advice for Trump.  The only thing he forgot was the essential first step – short term-limits.  This was an oversight, as Armstrong knows that most of his ideas will never get implemented under the current system of career politicians.

The attacks on Trump by the establishment are beyond comical, and demonstrate how desperate they are in maintaining the status quo. Even if you don’t know exactly what Trump believes, the fact that the establishment is so hard up to stop him is proving to be reason enough to vote for him.

Trump’s pole numbers reflect what a recent pole exemplified – most people are more afraid of govt than terrorist. I wonder how many more people would be afraid if they truly knew how desperate Govt is about to become, due to their insatiable need for other people’s money. Solutions require a total reform of Govt, which explains why career politicians are so afraid.

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Govt Can’t Manipulate Nature or the Economy

This example out of China demonstrates the futility, hubris, and ignorance of govt. At best, one could call it good intentions. Unfortunately, as we will get to witness first hand in the next four years, the path to Hell is paved with good intentions. Central Bankers, Govts, hedge fund managers, or one-world govt wannabe’s cannot manipulate the business cycle or the cycles of nature. Profits can be manipulated within the trend and clouds can be seeded to produce rain or reduce hail, but the cycles of human and mother nature cannot be eliminated or managed, anymore than the wavelengths of light and sound, and all forms of matter and energy.

March 2016 marks the beginning of an increased earthquake cycle in California. Like sunspot activity that is set to decline for a few decades, producing a Maunder minimum and a mini ice age; Govt’s, corporations, or a cabal of elites cannot manipulate nature, the climate, or the business cycle, much less manage it.

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Climate Models Fail To Predict Warming

The global warming religion will now find it more difficult to collect their tithe/tax.  However, with such a large tax windfall at stake for broke govt’s, don’t expect the establishment to go down without a fight.

Unless economic destruction is the desired solution for CO2 reduction, which the establishment is trying their hardest to accomplish, nothing being proposed by the climate clurgy will address the problem, which I assume is pollution reduction.

Why can’t pollution control stand on its own? After all, no one likes pollution. Only the poorest countries favor survival over pollution. If the true believers in man-made global warming prevailed, there would be more poor countries that could not afford to invest in clean technology.

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