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What’s Really Going On In The Middle East?

You won’t believe this one, or maybe you will when you realize it came from an Obama CIA Director. In an interview with Charlie Rose, a former CIA director said we are not trying to shut down ISIS’s funding source because Obama is concerned about the environmental harm caused by bombing the oil supply, which we allow Turkey to sell to Israel and others. Next, I suppose Obama will say that the reason Russia did bomb ISIS oil sources was because they don’t care about the environment, which certainly would justify Turkey shooting down their jets.

The web of lies and convoluted foreign policy can make the Middle East turmoil seem confusing. It’s not, if you remember it’s always about oil, gas, and power. The question that everyone should be asking themselves and the President is why are we willing to start a world war so Saudi Arabia and Qatar can replace gas from Russia and Iran? Is it worth it so France and US arms companies can sell more weapons to Saudi Arabia? What about so Turkey can skim more money from the sale of ISIS oil?

Will any political candidate by asked why we have directly funded and supported the expansion of ISIS by providing them armaments, or be asked the real reason we condone the sale of ISIS controlled oil through Turkey? The fact that no one in the mainstream media is asking these questions is further proof the media deserves the same fate as the politician.

If you’re interested in understanding more of what’s really going on in the Middle East, you will find James Corbett’s interview with F. William Engdahl enlightening. Beyond explaining the origin of ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Mujaheddin, and al-Qaeda, Engdahl connects the dots on the competition for oil supplies and the hidden hand of the CIA. You will also understand why Syria is the prize.

DEA Targets Communities that can’t Afford Attorney’s

A whistle-blowing DEA agent describes how military-style actions are used to raid citizens and says that money and connections determine who will be brutalized. Wealthy people usually are well connected and can stop prosecution of their children, so law enforcement turns a blind eye to drugs in wealthy areas. Because police like the massive funding derived from the drug war, they focus on prosecuting the poor. Blacks are targeted because they are in that category, not because of their race.

If you throw in the fact that cops protect their own, even if they commit murder, then one can begin to appreciate why the police are despised in the communities they are supposed to protect and serve. People are quick to question why Muslim’s don’t police their bad apples. Why don’t they expect the same from the Fraternal Order of Police, politicians, and for that matter, the Catholic Church?

50 to 1 Project

As calculated by the 50 to 1 Project, it’s 50 times more expensive to try and STOP climate change than it is to simply ADAPT to it as and if required. How does govt and their special interest sell their BS?  Fear is a common technique, but so is the manipulation of statistics. As the Corbett Report documents, there are lies, damned lies, and then there are global warming statistics.
Govt makes a living ignoring consequences, which is why their political promises have us on the path the Hell. Good intentions are good, as long as the consequences don’t do greater harm. The problem of course is that this requires people to sift through the BS and do their own research. Based on the evidence, a reasonable alternative would be to simply ignore ANYTHING govt says, no matter how many “scientist” are on their payroll. Unfortunately, people believe what they want to believe, which is fine if one is betting on a football game, but not when freedom is on the line.

Expect More NSA BS after Paris Attack

As we have documented, the NSA data gathering is about tracking taxes, not terrorists. Even the NSA has admitted that MAYBE one terrorist event has been thwarted by their data gathering efforts. Either they are incompetent or they have ulterior motives, which the public never considers because they blindly believe govt’s altruistic propaganda, when in fact they are just like everyone else that puts their own self-interest first – except they have the power to actually enforce their sociopathic will.

It’s been over 14 years since 9/11, when we were told that the numerous “intelligence” agencies couldn’t communicate with each other well, and we needed the Patriot Act to protect us and track money, even though the biggest banks have repeatedly been caught laundering money for drug cartels and terrorist organizations. Now we have Muslim teenagers communicating seamlessly enough to plan and execute a well coordinated attack on Paris. Even if one does want to believe that the NSA is tracking terrorist, who actually thinks the terrorist use phones and the internet? Besides, it doesn’t take a whole lot of intelligence to figure out that a policy of open boarders and no-go zones (like our sanctuary cities and porous borders) is going to incubate a few crazies, especially when the US is arming ISIS and creating the refugees.

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Global Warming is VERY Old News

Mr. G. Edward Griffin does a very nice job of documenting the motivation of the self-interested politicians and the others that benefit from the global warming hoax, including providing the “Monthly Weather Review” article that discusses the warming and loss of ice in the Artic in 1922. It appears that NOAA conveniently doesn’t read their own archives.

What the article does not address is why do so many people continue to ignore or rationalize the fraud. Most environmentalist believe that the ends justifies the means, even if the ends will never be achieved. They believe that taxing carbon will reduce pollution, even though CO2 has little to do with land and water pollution.

There is no excuse for people not to know that man-made CO2 does not cause the climate to change. However, I don’t think they care about this inconvenient fact because they think that reducing economic output will reduce carbon-based energy output, which protects the environment. They believe that it’s okay if the poor nations extort the carbon tax revenue out of the rich nations, because they think the rich nations deserve it. It doesn’t even matter if the corrupt politicians skim off the majority of the tax and none of it gets to the people. This is the standard progressive MO. As long as there heart is in the right place, then math and science (reality) doesn’t matter. BTW, the war mongers and ‘sanctioners’ make the same justification when touting the benefits of nation building and imposing sanctions.

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