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What’s Coming After 10/1/15?

Anyone that has followed the forecasting ability of Martin Armstrong’s models knows that his projections should be taken seriously. What adds to the respect for his work, beyond the accuracy of the results and effort/cost to assemble the world’s largest database of economic-relevant data, is that it all makes sense to anyone that appreciates nature (human and non-manmade), physics, thermodynamics, and to put it more simply – reality. There is a reason an Asian country offered $500 million for his model/database, and the US govt threw him in jail for so long without charges.

Slide from Armstrong’s 1998 World Economic Conference

1998 WEC

A Vision for the Youth

Any young person that wants to take back their future from the generations before them that economically raped them and stuck them with the bill, should read the two short post from Armstrong below:

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Climate Change: 7 – 8 Indisputable Facts

Propagandist prey on people’s beliefs and biases. Just as patriots can be sold the liberty-killing Patriot Act or believe the NSA’s data gathering is all about finding terrorist; anti-capitalist (that conflate it with crony-capitalism) find it easy to blame the earth’s cyclical temperature fluctuations on man’s selfish desire to improve his standard of living, while simultaneously wanting to pollute his community.

People also tend to believe what they want to believe and ignore the rest. The human brain finds it difficult to process a multi-variant problem, choosing instead to rely on simple linear, if this then that explanations. For example, those that believe that exponential growth of the world’s population will produce overpopulation and starvation due to the depletion of the earth’s resources, conveniently believe that exponential growth in debt is somehow sustainable.

The other flaw with man’s lazy and self-important logic is the belief that trends continue forever in the same direction, and that man can manage or manipulate the trend. This hubris infects Central Bankers, who think they can manipulate the business cycle, the same way it leads people to believe that man can manipulate the earth’s climate; or that factors like war, diseases, and weather-based famine don’t curb the growth in population. Sorry, but man is helpless against the powers of mother nature and her desire to find equilibrium, which must be quite confounding for naturalist.

One of the seven undisputable facts about climate change is that temperatures have actually declined over the last 18 years, while CO2 increased, which has had an estimated benefit of $3.2 trillion over the last 50 years due to the ancillary aid of CO2 on increased agriculture output. They could add an 8th fact – the Artic ice has expanded hundreds of miles in the last three years, despite the propagandist claims that the ice should have disappeared by 2104.

GloBull warming/cooling (climate change) is and always has been about a new tax to save govt jobs, perks, and power; and the money to be made from trading carbon credits. One of the economic beneficiaries of carbon trading has been Al Gore. Luckily, many of his investments, like the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), have lost investors millions, as Cap and Trade legislation has luckily failed to pass. Don’t worry about “Inconvenient Al” though, as he has profited handsomely from his families long standing relationship with Occidental Petroleum and the sale of Current TV to Al-Jazeera (funded by oil-rich Qatar).

The fact is the sun is in the process of taking a nap, which will have people living north of Georgia praying for global warming in the decades ahead. This cooling cycle has happened many times before, just as it did during 1776 when Washington was crossing the frozen Delaware river.

GW crossing the Delaware

Since the majority of the believers in man-made globull warming also despise the wealthy, why aren’t they in favor of it, as it would surely flood the coastal homes of the people they hate? I’ve got an idea, why don’t all the warming believers move north. An entrepreneur should set up a real estate site where the warming wackos could sell their southern homes to the cooling crowd, and vice versa.

Lastly, remember that panics are caused by the majority being on the wrong side of a particular view. When that view changes, whether in a stock or an idea, the masses that are trapped in the biases of their own mind provide the fuel for the stampede.