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Another Nail in the Coffin – “Clinton Cash”

The latest Billary controversy detailed in Schweitzers’s book, Clinton Cash, has stirred emotions from many concerned citizens, yet all miss the point that really matters. Passionate points can be madep about the “Clinton Blur” of donations to the Clinton Foundation, absorbent fees for speeches by Bill, and coincidental business deals like Uranium One, which has resulted in Russia owning at least a quarter of US uranium sources. Uniformed and/or connected supporters of the Clinton’s argue that this is a right-wing conspiracy, while others insist that it doesn’t matter because Hillary will simply deny any involvement – including deleting her own emails and facilitating the gun running to rebels (ISIS) by Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, and that politics as usual will continue unabated.  The point that most miss is the relationship between the erosion of confidence in govt and the vibrancy of the economy.

clinton cash

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Will a Farage-like Leader Immerge in the US?

If the US could produce a leader like Nigel Farage for 2016, he or she would win in a landslide. Farage speaks truth to power, and his speeches in front of the EU bureaucrats are legendary, as is the latest that addresses the EU’s desire to fund a standing army to combat Russia – who strangely does not want more NATO encroachment on to its boarders (especially when NATO specifically promised it would not).

Farage is the leader of the UK’s Independence Party (UKIP), which has risen from nothing to 15% of the electorate, relegating the Liberals and Greens to virtual extinction, and more than rocking the boats of the Conservatives and Labor Party’s.

Twisted wrote about Farage last May after UKIP won their first election, being the first 3rd-party to win an election in British history. The trend against govt largess is certainly afoot. A strong 3rd-Party surge is also coming to the US by 2016. If we had a charismatic leader like Farage, with real world experience, Obama may not have won in 2012, but I guess the pain level and intellectual curiosity was still insufficient.

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Bankrupt Govt’s and their Out-of-Control Police Forces

The latest incident of an unarmed man being gunned down by police in SC is causing the average citizen to question what the hell is going on, and make statements like, “this does not seem normal”.  It’s not, and these incidents have happened far more frequently than people are aware (even if cameras can’t capture all the abuses). It’s gotten so bad, I would not be surprised if people start using the police as their personal hit man. After all, all one has to do is call the police and tell them they have a gun. A few examples of recent murders by police can be seen here, here, and here.

If one monitors what’s been going on around the world and starts connecting the dots, the fog will lift. Govt’s from France to Australia are broke and are shaking down their citizens, instead of reforming. When one looks behind the curtain of govt fraud and corruption, it is easy to understand the source of the civil unrest and separatist movements around the world. The common thread is govt fraud, corruption and insolvency. The worldwide trend of police militarizing against their citizens is increasing as govt’s become increasingly broke, which forces desperate acts by govt to confiscate other people’s money, which causes an increasing number of people to become victims and say this is BS.


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