Open Letter to Dr. Ben Carson


Ben Carson



Dear Dr. Carson;

I have always respected your messages, and believed that you could have been a different/honest President. My concern now is you may be trying to carry on the (unimpressive) tradition of being a “lap dog” for the establishment. If you intend to expose and fight against the fraudulent health care industry, I am asking that you please respond in public to the request below:

Based on your article in Newsmaxwhich omits the most important aspects of the fraudulent “Govt Industry” that rammed Obamacare down America’s throat, I contend that you are following the same recipe as other self-interested conservatives that deceptively focus on the obvious stupidity of Gruber and the self-interested pawns on the Left.  You fail to address the root cause of high health care cost – the lack of competition, which the health care lobby has minimized by “buying” preferential treatment from the whores in Congress that masquerade as our Representatives.

Republicans are complicit in the same fraud that protects and enriches the establishment at the expense of the folks. As the Austrian Chancellor has refreshingly just observed, the problem is government; and as Armstrong reminds us – “govt is not structured for the benefit of the people, but to control the people. It is a confrontational structure that only fools think (1) they really have any say, and (2) it is not just about government maintaining their control for their own self-interest“.

Please read our early post, and especially the facts about the health care industry documented by Karl Denninger in his many posts about your industry, including the nicely done presentation that’s available on YouTube. Please expose the systemic fraud of your industry, as you have Jonathan Gruber. The reason is simple –  along with the military industrial complex, the health care complex is destroying this country, and if you can’t disclose this fact, you have no business representing any thoughtful person.

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