The Forecaster

The world will now have the opportunity to meet the man who hopefully will influence the govt reform that is so desperately needed across the globe. “The Forecaster” debut’s this weekend, and could be the top documentary at this years film festival in Amsterdam. Here is a good summary of why Armstrong made the movie.

The establishment may have been able to temporarily silence him by throwing him in prison for over seven years without evidence, which included time in solitary confinement, but it will be impossible to keep a lid on the govt’s fraud come next year when the movie goes mainstream. It was during his period in the hole in early 2010 when I first started reading his writings, and I don’t think I’ve missed one since.

Armstrong has formally met with members of Congress, and in 2010 documented his solutions for the sovereign debt crisis, that is getting ready to consume Europe, Japan, and finally the US.

Maybe a movie can help achieve the critical mass that’s needed to make corrupt govt’s around the world (and their socialist sympathizers) realize their days are numbered. Since broke govt’s will be forced to renege on their promises anyway (despite their desperate actions to steal from citizens), it seems wiser to pay the piper now before everyone pays later in an uncontrolled free-for-all.

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