Bankster vs Systemic (Invisible Hand) Manipulation

Armstrong’s response to the UBS gold rigging scandal exemplifies why everyone should be reading him daily, and once again demonstrates how “ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can be manipulated against the free market trend – NOTHING.”

As much as policy makers want to believe they are God’s that can manipulate or “manage” the business cycle, they are nothing but theroticians with no real world experience, whose hypothesis’ are always rooted in their self-interest.

I feel somewhat qualified to comment on this issue as I was once a gold bug. Anyone that understand the leveraged money-creation fraud that has caused the sovereign debt crisis, can easily be sucked into believing the “hard money” argument and the historical importance of gold. It’s not that gold won’t be an important asset to own as we transition to another world reserve currency, it will (especially coins). The issue is will you remain solvent long enough to benefit from gold’s eventual rise, or as Keynes is attributed with saying, “markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent“.

Logical arguments that don’t consider timing is a common bait and switch tactic used by propagandist. After all, it’s much easier to believe someone who sounds smart and mixes in selected facts. However, when it come to trading, being right but being early simply means that you are wrong.

Armstrong once again tells it how he experienced it (not based on opinion). Even my teenage daughter understands that you have to immerse yourself into something to truly understand the truth of how things really work. Nothing replaces experience – something that most of today’s policy makers do not possess.


If you want to learn more about the man who will eventually be recognized as the father of the new economic foundation (after the current Bretton Woods system collapses under its own weight), the largest Documentary Film Festival in the world (IDFA) will be debuting a documentary on him in Amsterdam on November 22nd, 2014.  It called The Forecaster, and If you don’t want to fly to Amsterdam, the movie will be out in a year. It’s expected to be one of the top entries in a field of 3000 documentaries.

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