The $9 Billion Witness Against JPMorgan Chase

In his first article after returning to Rolling Stone, Matt Taibbi almost hits a walk-off grand slam. Don’t get me wrong, his article titled “The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare” still knocks it out of the park, but the added drama of filling the bases with the other major players could have also captured the attention of the masses. Since anyone that cares about the govt-sanctioned fraud already knows the banksters robbed everyone blind, and Eric Holder, along with the mainstream media, are ethically challenged pawns owned by the establishment.


To advance the story it would be interesting to find out what type of bribe or blackmail it takes these days to control the Federal judges to the point they will alter evidence to maintain a 99% conviction rate that no one even bothers to think is unrealistic. Even A-Rod, McGwire, and Jose suffered a consequence for cheating.

The other players that are glossed over as if it is expected are the regulators, whose sole responsibility is to regulate, that is, to prevent the fraud and abuses that are at the heart of the crisis that still plagues the country. Why have these govt employees still not prosecuted well-documented frauds or even corrected the policies that continue to permit the activities that created the problems? Is it laziness, incompetence, bribes, or blackmail? What exactly is it that makes these govt employees so negligent, and why do so many socialist and big govt proponents believe that if we only had more of these people all of their problems would be solved?

Too many have had their intuition shaped by propaganda, which has turned beliefs upside down. Why is socialism trusted when it has failed so many times in our lifetime, yet free market capitalism is not trusted when no one has seen it in their lifetime?

Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” and the pure results of “creative destruction” should be the only intuition one needs. Unfortunately, govt power, that masquerades as wisdom, can’t help but screw everything up by falsely believing they can manipulate the business cycle or provide a path with their good intentions that won’t lead to hell .

Anyone who thinks that even a “newly invigorated Glass-Steagall Act” would solve anything misses the point. Who is going to enforce it? More of the same spineless, self-absorbed losers that can’t get off their knees long enough to prosecute existing laws? Is it that hard to understand that govt employees, including judges, are just as flawed as Dimon and the other banksters – and many times worse, due to their absolute power?

The masses have had five years to dig into the facts that are destroying their country and standard of living, and most still think everything will be better if only their party wins. The architect of Obamacare can smugly state in his own words that the “lack of transparency” was the key to fooling “stupid Americans“, and the Socialist don’t even ask Dr. Obama to put on a glove before they bend over.  If all incumbents would have been thrown out of office, then hope would’ve been justified. It saddens me to know that our society has advanced so little that we still must crash and burn to achieve fundamental change.

One day in the not too distant future the truth about bureaucrats, captured judges, and the mainstream media will awaken the silent majority, and it will not be pretty. Armstrong’s perspective on the Snowden of NY banking is certainly worth your time.

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