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Open Letter to Dr. Ben Carson


Ben Carson



Dear Dr. Carson;

I have always respected your messages, and believed that you could have been a different/honest President. My concern now is you may be trying to carry on the (unimpressive) tradition of being a “lap dog” for the establishment. If you intend to expose and fight against the fraudulent health care industry, I am asking that you please respond in public to the request below:

Based on your article in Newsmaxwhich omits the most important aspects of the fraudulent “Govt Industry” that rammed Obamacare down America’s throat, I contend that you are following the same recipe as other self-interested conservatives that deceptively focus on the obvious stupidity of Gruber and the self-interested pawns on the Left.  You fail to address the root cause of high health care cost – the lack of competition, which the health care lobby has minimized by “buying” preferential treatment from the whores in Congress that masquerade as our Representatives.

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The Forecaster

The world will now have the opportunity to meet the man who hopefully will influence the govt reform that is so desperately needed across the globe. “The Forecaster” debut’s this weekend, and could be the top documentary at this years film festival in Amsterdam. Here is a good summary of why Armstrong made the movie.

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The Truth Behind Healthcare & The Media’s Cover-up

Denninger speaks the truth about healthcare in a mathematically sound fashion.  The “Unaffordable and Reduced Care Act”, that Nancy Pelosi and other captured politicians and Supreme Justices lied about, has now been divulged for what it is by one of their own (Gruber). The masses will be getting hit over the head with the mathematically-obvious higher premiums starting in 2016, while the Utopianist continue to pretend it is a sustainable goal while cruising down the path of good intentions that obviously leads to Hell. Because the captured media does not report the abuses, the vast majority of people still do not understand or appreciate WHY healthcare costs have been rising at a 9.3% annual clip for over 30 years, which is the heart of our unaffordable healthcare problems.

BTW, why are all the Gruber tapes just now coming out? Obviously, someone has been sitting on them for years. Why weren’t they exposed before Obamacare was signed into law or before the 2012 Presidential election? Equally important, why is no one in the mainstream media even asking these obvious question?  Something smells even worse than Obamacare, and it might just be that the establishment will do anything to distract the people from understanding the real problems with our health care industry.

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Bankster vs Systemic (Invisible Hand) Manipulation

Armstrong’s response to the UBS gold rigging scandal exemplifies why everyone should be reading him daily, and once again demonstrates how “ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can be manipulated against the free market trend – NOTHING.”

As much as policy makers want to believe they are God’s that can manipulate or “manage” the business cycle, they are nothing but theroticians with no real world experience, whose hypothesis’ are always rooted in their self-interest.

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The $9 Billion Witness Against JPMorgan Chase

In his first article after returning to Rolling Stone, Matt Taibbi almost hits a walk-off grand slam. Don’t get me wrong, his article titled “The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare” still knocks it out of the park, but the added drama of filling the bases with the other major players could have also captured the attention of the masses. Since anyone that cares about the govt-sanctioned fraud already knows the banksters robbed everyone blind, and Eric Holder, along with the mainstream media, are ethically challenged pawns owned by the establishment.


To advance the story it would be interesting to find out what type of bribe or blackmail it takes these days to control the Federal judges to the point they will alter evidence to maintain a 99% conviction rate that no one even bothers to think is unrealistic. Even A-Rod, McGwire, and Jose suffered a consequence for cheating.

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