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The Scottish Vote – a Sign of our Times

I’m not sure how many Americans understand the significance of the independence vote in Scotland, but I hope it at least causes some to ask why Scotland and why now. Just maybe, people will stop for a minute and ask themselves, why was British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and unelected European bureaucrats so happy that independence was denied the Scottish people?

One EU leader may have summed up the feelings for all the power-hungry politicians when he commented about the vote, saying, “Europe needs more Schottlander’s”, which is a historic reference to the people who declared their allegiance to nobles and princes, and would lend their influence in struggles for power and status. Maybe the name will catch on in the US to represent lobbyist and all those that blindly favor and support govt at the expense of freedom-loving citizens. Although, the “Judas” moniker is more convenient, as religion is always an easy scapegoat for govt, as witnessed by the propagandist assigning the YES vote to Catholics and the NO vote to Protestants. The Catholic-Protestant divide is alive and well in Britain.


You can bet the US political elite are preparing for when the economic crisis hits our shores, and are strategizing on how to portray the religious right as anti-govt, versus pro-freedom; and labeling the youth as lazy, versus simply wanting the same opportunity as their parents. After all, the template was already successfully tested on the Tea Party and OWS movements.

The reality is we are dealing with a sovereign debt crisis that is sweeping across the globe, and younger generations are being sacrificed to support govt’s ill-conceived, unsustainable economic system that has consumed Western society – not just Britain.

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