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The Roads to Hell ALWAYS Emanates from Government

After re-listening to speeches by Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Professor Jeffrey Sachs, that were given during the heat of the subprime meltdown, I was reminded why we will crash and burn before any true reform will be proactively implemented.  The same pattern of propaganda can be seen in Ukraine, Syria, and Iraq, where the pyromaniac’s in govt call for the US fire department after the US sets the fires.

The path to recovery must start with first acknowledging that you have a problem – and government has a big problem. Unfortunately, we have far too many psychopaths and sociopaths in govt – and the ones that aren’t crazed by power are narcissistic and so full of hubris they are incapable of even apologizing, much less admitting they made a mistake or that govt is the problem. What’s worse is the followers of these self-centered people suffer a cognitive dissonance that’s so severe they will go down with the ship, as if they were Bernie Madoff’s wife.

Business owners are no different from citizens that vote for the politician that will give them the most hand-outs. Like most enterprises, corporations don’t like competition, and many will do anything to gain an advantage, including committing fraud and bribing politicians. Govt doesn’t like competition either, and because they have the most power, those in powerful positions like their perks and power and want to keep it – which leads to even greater abuse.

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Ferguson is about MUCH MORE than Race

Even the most well-intentioned commentators and bloggers are missing the bigger issue surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. The mainstream media (MSM), the primary propaganda arm of govt, are desperately trying to promote the “race” narrative to distract the masses from the more troubling theme – govt protecting itself from an increasingly plundered populous, due to govt’s “need” to maintain their own jobs, perks, and power. The incidents in Ferguson, Bundy Ranch, and others are nothing more than training missions for what is to come. Just wait until it is exposed that the govt can’t make Social Security, and other social welfare payments; or pensions, IRA’s, and 401K’s get confiscated/bailed-in by an increasingly broke govt as their Ponzi system implodes.

Joe Public, who has kept their head buried firmly in the sand, will finally learn where the anger comes from for so many minorities, and that ignorance really isn’t bliss. Government never looks in the mirror and admits fault. They always defend their self-interest, and will not stop spending other people’s money until the people rise up and force change. Govt is preparing for war against their own citizens, and Ferguson and Bundy Ranch are just drills.

Granted, many blacks get treated like civilians in Syria, Iraq, and the other places where govt’s policies place govt’s interest above all others (especially minorities), but the loss of trust and respect for police and others in govt is coming to a head all over the country, because govt has abused their trust and does NOT equally apply the rule of law. Anyone that has protested govt abuses or challenged govt in court understands the system is rigged in govt’s favor, and the 99% conviction rate of the U.S. Justice (Just Us) system is certainly evidence of the abuse of power (BTW, the 99% conviction rate even surpasses the 90% rate of Hitler’s Peoples Court). When property rights are not protected and justice in the courts disappears, so does the capital needed for growth.  The conflicts transpiring across the globe are the result of citizens being suppressed by their govt for the sake of maintaining govt. 

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Are Stocks Ready to Crash?

With all of the turmoil in Ukraine, Iraq, and Gaza, the sell-off in stocks over the last couple of weeks is causing many people to ask, is the top in for this Fed-induced bubble?  The short answer is NO. The bubble in govt hubris, that is turning the world against us, may have popped, but stocks are not done inflating. The reason has nothing do with traditional valuation methods, or even the Fed. Simply put, stocks will rise due to global capital flows that see no other alternative, at least for now.

As stated on April 5, 2014, the “Jaws of Death” pattern in the Dow (shown below), that was originally displayed on 1/31/2013 , still remains valid. At that time the upper boundary was around 17,000. As the bearish wedge expands, the upper boundary is now closer to 17,200. By the time the bubble burst in 4Q15, the upper boundary will be closer to 17,500. Since final legs can blast through resistance before crashing, making a guess where stocks will top out is about as futile as picking the top of the NASDAQ in Dec, 1999, when it rose another 85% in the final three months.

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Are You a Propagandist or just a Useful Idiot?

If you are part of the propaganda machine that needs war or some other distraction to promote your interest, you might as well stop reading now, since you obviously don’t care about the human suffering and loss of life caused by your lies. You are as hopeless as a psychopathic mass murderer whose actions will never be understood. We can only hope you are continuously haunted by your actions.

If you are unwittingly being duped into supporting the war mongers or some other self-serving issue, I hope you take a few minutes to objectively consider the possibility that you are being manipulated. You should also contemplate the damage being done to the economy and human beings by the actions being taken, and who benefits. If you can’t be bothered to question your biases, then at least default to the most probable source of the propaganda, which is also the same entity behind the problems/crises – government! The purpose of the propaganda, of course, is to deflect blame from their own incompetence and fraud, confiscate more taxes, and acquire more power. Also, you should ask yourself if you are expendable when the SHTF and rolls downhill.

If you need an example of why govt is destroying this country, look no further than the VA scandal. Only in govt can you screw up so bad that you kill people, and then get rewarded with $17 Billion in additional tax payer money, and no one even gets fired, much less goes to jail. Oh, and this just in – the President and CIA Director Brennan swore to the American public that the CIA did not spy on the Senate. Guess what?  They lied!!!

thanks obama

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