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If Bundy is Ignorant, then O’Reilly & Beck are Spittoons

It’s not only the govt that’s scared and getting desperate. Their suckling’s in the so-called conservative and libertarian media are also showing their true colors. The latest tactic by the establishment media, that will sell their soul at the drop of a dollar, is to smear Clivan Bundy in an attempt to distract the masses from the truth.

Your clue that the establishment is seriously worried is when all sides of the establishment-controlled media begin singing from the same sheet of music. “Cattle Gate” is the latest example. Have you noticed how EVERYONE in the establishment media now wants you to reject the real issue of govt over-reach, because Mr. Bundy had his comments taken out of context on a valid point – that the so-called “social justice” policies pumped by Democrats have done nothing for blacks and made them slaves to the establishment? Please listen to the UNEDITED version, and you tell me who is the racist … because it isn’t Clivan Bundy. The one truth that you can take to the bank is if everyone in the mainstream media is singing the same tune, then the music was composed by the establishment and you should change the station immediately.

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The Two Most Dangerous Ideas

I suppose it is a sign of our times that an another academic economist, with no practical experience, can rise to No.1 on Amazon’s list of Best Selling Books, by lecturing the workers of the world that if they only gave more money to govt, their lives would be so much better. However, since Thomas “Riketty” Piketty is predictably getting so much attention by the establishment media, it is everyone’s responsibility to understand the harm that he, and the people of his ilk, want to inflict on the world with their good intentions – no matter how many times it has failed in the past.


These People are Part of the Real Conspiracy to Take Whatever You Have to Sustain Their Power – Martin Armstrong

The Secret Agenda of Obama, and the other “leaders” of broke govt’s, is to confiscate money from the private sector to keep from having to reform themselves. It’s no different from your state and local govt raising your car registration fee from $100 to $225 in 2009, after the recession reduced their tax revenue. Instead of reforming, the way families had to do with a lower family income, the govt simply takes everyone else’s money so they don’t have to downsize themselves.

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Bundy Ranch – What You’re Not Being Told

It’s always the same, follow the money

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SEC, IRS, NSA Abuses, and Civil Unrest – It’s All Related

It’s quite surreal to watch events unfold in slow motion, and frustrating to know there is little you can do about it. If you’ve ever witnessed a horrific event that you could see coming before it occurred, then you know the feeling.

This weekend saw a peaceful, but likely, temporary end to the conflict between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy. In isolation, which is how the media wants you to view these events, this incident might seem like just another case of govt over-reach, with the exception that this time the govt authorities didn’t abuse a demonstrator and haul them off to jail – which might have something to do with the fact that the protestors were rugged ranchers instead of wet-behind-the-ear students. However, if you connect the dots of govt corruption, with the debt dots and civil unrest dots, then you should be able to see the train wreck that’s coming from a million miles away.

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It’s not Bankruptcy, it’s an Exorcism

In an informative presentation by Elizabeth Warren in 2008, before the American standard of living truly got hammered, she discussed how children are now growing up in more households that filed for bankruptcy than divorce. The real sin is that people feel more ashamed of bankruptcy than divorce. It should be the exact opposite.

Since many divorces are the result of financial pressures and the lack of financial education, the overlap with the present day bankruptcy epidemic is worth investigating – both from a practical and philosophical standpoint. The misinformation and neglect of financial education that is necessary to promote the financialization of everything in order to increase the interest income for the banks is not only destroying families, but the world. A decision to declare bankruptcy should be a financial one, not one predicated on false shame promoted to keep the loan payments flowing. It doesn’t matter if it’s an individual or a country that is being asset stripped by the banksters, declaring bankruptcy should be considered an exorcism from the money changers.

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Running out of Conspiracy Theories

First, they conspired to rig the municipal bond market, then the mortgage securitization market, then LIBOR, then the stock market, and now the 12 largest banks have been sued by Public Retirement Funds for “Conspiring To Rig Global FX Markets (currencies)”. It would appear that we are running out of conspiracy theories that haven’t become Conspiracy Fact. No worries, we still have the gold and silver markets to go, which should come to a head within the next few years. It’s not a conspiracy, anymore than healthcare companies buying favors and laws to squash competition – it’s simply the way business gets done in our corporatist system, that is hardly a glimmer of its former self, formerly known as free-market capitalism.

The connected power that profits without oversight benefits from creating the aura of conspiracy. Like the propaganda strategy that tells a giant lie over and over, the conspiracy tactic is simple deception designed to keep the public looking at one hand while the other one robs them blind. Unfortunately, there are consequences to fraud in the stock market, and more importantly on society and the world.

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Where is the Stock Market Headed?

The list of looming black swans and immediate issues continues to grow as markets advance. This fearless market will not crash into the “wall of worry” until the bears, “justifiably” cautious and concerned about the unprosecuted fraud and unsustainable debt, finally capitulate and jump into the cesspool. The bearish brokers and analysts who have been screaming the truth about the fraudulent economy for five years will fail to be listened to “just one more time”, and the retail investor will once again be left holding the bag.

The ones who claim they are only dancing while the music plays, will once again be caught offsides by their hubris. They will also ignore the warnings provided by hundreds of “flash crashes” over the last several years, and discover the fact that High Frequency Trading (HFT) doesn’t add liquidity to markets. The next bubble to pop will actually be an air pocket under the market, which will make trying to find a bid much more difficult than a chair when the music stops.

Since the sovereign debt crisis has only begun to impact Europe and Japan, and the full consequence of FATCA (which has been chasing dollars out of foreign holding since 2011) will not be felt until it becomes law on July 1st, the capital flight into dollar-based assets has a while to go.  Armstrong has been forecasting that the Economic Confidence Model (ECM) will turn down again at the end of 2015. Can US markets continue to climb higher until then or will the collapse of markets come sooner and produce the loss of confidence that the ECM is predicting? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain, conflicts will continue to escalate as govt’s hunt down capital so they need not reform, and barring divine intervention, an international war seems inevitable.

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So Much for Campaign Finance Reform

Today, caps on total campaign giving were voided by the Supreme Court. When combined with the Citizens United case, that ruled Corporations and Unions are people, we are guaranteed to get the worst candidates money can buy.

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Mail Your Representative a Mirror

Anyone who attended or viewed Armstrong’s “Cycles of War” Conference last week, knows that the cycles of civil unrest and war are converging like no other time since the 1700’s. If you’ve been wondering why the “craziness” around the world seems a bit elevated, you now know why – govt fraud and corruption has limits and consequences. The brewing and active conflicts around the globe (i.e. Ukraine, Thailand, Brazil, Venezuela, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Korea, etc.) will heat up as govt’s go further into debt and look for distractions when their economies turn down again as a result of the sovereign debt crisis.

As discussed when relating the issues in Ukraine to the US, the common thread that runs through all the civil unrest is govt fraud and corruption, which rises alongside insolvency. As gov’t gets more desperate to fund itself, they do desperate (self-defeating) things like: raise taxes/fees, and spy on their citizens to track down capital. As Reagan once said, “government is not the solution to the problem; government is the problem.”


It was popular during the Tea Party days to mail Congress tea bags prior to the 2010 elections. For the upcoming elections they should be receiving mirrors to remind them who is at fault for the hollow economy and civil unrest, and why they should not be getting your vote. NO incumbent should be re-elected (it’s called defacto term limits), and the President must know that war will not be tolerated as a means of deflecting responsibility.

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