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Why Putin has Obama by the Short Hairs

Russia’s leverage in the tit-for-tat ego fight over Ukraine is founded on the systems we built and now depend – the Petrodollar and SWIFT system. In the world of international trade, you can think of the SWIFT system as the exchange and the petrodollar as the medium. What happens if Russia suddenly says it will settle all of its energy contracts in something other than US dollars? The Petrodollar would collapse overnight and so would our dollar hegemony.

As a result of the Petrodollar scheme hatched under Nixon and negotiated by Henry Kissinger, all energy contracts must be settled in US dollars, creating the massive demand for dollars we have enjoyed for 40 years. These transactions are settled through the SWIFT system.

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March Madness

With Russian soldiers chaperoning them to the polls, citizens of Crimea voted overwhelmingly on Sunday to have Mother Russia take care of them from cradle to grave (it’s amazing what people will sacrifice for a little perceived security). The ministers of defense for Russia and Ukraine declared no military actions would be taken against Ukrainian military facilities in Crimea before March 21st. Since Crimea is dependent on Ukraine for the vast majority of its electricity, the repercussions from the actions of power-hungry politicians on all sides should prove disastrous. Of course, our inept Administration is leading the way and seems intent on forcing March Madness to begin as soon as possible.

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Insider or Useful Idiot?

The so-called independent media continues to obstruct and lie about the massive fraud/corruption in govt and the economic destruction being caused by govt and their bosses in major corporations. For example, CBS reporter Cheryl Atkinson has resigned because of the out of control bias she witnessed and the difficulty of getting her hard-earned reports on air because they considered the truth about Obama. If you remember, Ms. Atkinson is the one that has been all over the Fast and Furious and Benghazi cover-ups, and “coincidentally” had her phone bugged by the govt.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard about Cheryl’s story, you may find it equally bizarre why you haven’t heard about the NSA masquerading as a Facebook server in order to infect users’ computers with Malware, which can spread to other Facebook users and collect files off their hard drives.

World run by sociopaths

Why Are There Only $10 Bills in ATMs?

It’s hard to not write acrimoniously when you know beyond a smidgen of a doubt that fraud and corruption are rampant, and unlike economic theories, trickles down to destroy a society. Whether its Amazon trying to rip off its “Prime Customers” or the false advertising at beer concessions, when govt and corporate leaders think they are above the law, then everyone else thinks they are too.

While the economic fraud got kicked into high gear when Nixon took us completely off the gold standard, permitting un-backed money/credit to be created out of thin air; I think the road to moral bankruptcy began its insolvency when Clinton looked into they eyes of the American public and uttered those infamous words, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky”.

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