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A Sustainable Alternative to Socialism & Corporatism

“In the same way, those who possess wealth and power in poor nations must accept their own responsibilities. They must lead the fight for those basic reforms which alone can preserve the fabric of their societies. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”John F. Kennedy, First Anniversary of the Alliance For Progress


If one analyzes the current civil unrest that’s occurring all over the world, then the rippling economic collapse that’s headed our way is more obvious than the propaganda that spews from the mainstream media on a daily basis. Because the US media intentionally fails to report or misleads the public on the reasons behind the violent civil unrest that is occurring in places like Thailand, Ukraine, Turkey, Spain, Greece, Italy, Argentina, etc., most view the “incidents” as isolated and unrelated.

The common truths behind all the unrest abroad are the same problems plaguing the US economy – fraud, corruption, and debt. Each consequence of excessive govt translates into a loss of confidence and an economic death spiral caused by govt needing to confiscate ever greater sums of money from citizens to keep their own boat afloat. For example, Argentina just implemented a 50% tax on all internet purchases. Capital, like rats fleeing a sinking ship, finds safer places to hide (i.e. mattress, fine art, diamonds, real estate, precious metals, etc).  The increased cost of govt that is occurring all over the world is leaving hundreds of millions without jobs and the vice of stagflation tightening.  The citizens of the world are reaching their limits, and as Gerald Celente says, “when the people have nothing left to lose, they lose it”.

Ситуация в Киеве

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Can There be Another Major General Smedley Butler?

Prior to the disclosures about “Economic Hit Men” by John Perkins, we had the attempted coup by 24 wealthy businessmen and financiers to overthrow the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and replace it with a fascist government. If not for the good conscience of Major General Smedley D. Butler, who was assigned the task of raising a 500,000-man army (and paved the way for modern-day Jackals), history could have been much different.

Was this attempted coup a conspiracy or simply corporations trying to eliminate the competition to achieve the risk-free trade? For all practical purposes, what’s the difference?  When the Federal Reserve picked their name, they did it with the full intent of misleading the public to believe they were part of govt. Private companies never just act for philanthropic reasons. The Fed may have been started back in 1913 to solve a liquidity problem, but with the powers they knew were headed their way, I’m sure their wheels were spinning as they went to bed each evening at the Jekyll Island Club.

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