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How Badly Will ObamaCare Screw You?

Answers presented here, without comment.  As a reminder, the problem with healthcare is not who pays, but the cost of delivering healthcare, which has risen 9.3% per year for over 30 years, because political favors have eliminated competition and ethics. Dr. Smith explains just a few of the fraudulent practices bought and paid for by the healthcare lobby that has caused healthcare cost to explode.


Open Letter to Congress

Dear Congressmen and Congresswomen;

The deceit and self-centered actions by those in government are truly a disgrace that exposes US hypocrisy for the entire world to see. Debt-related issues exist throughout the developed world. For example, look what Barosso and the European Commission just did in a secret session! They need 2.7 billion euros, and fast, just to keep their boat afloat. Even worse problems exist in demographically challenged Japan. However, dollar hegemony and brain-dead false debates like the one over the debt ceiling will keep the eyes of the world focused on the USA.

Broke governments in Europe, Japan, and the US are desperate for cash, and instead of looking at themselves as the problem, they turn on their citizens to confiscate the money they need to maintain their position, perks, and power. This will not end well – it never does!

Dollar-Vortex (1)

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Chase: No More Money Transfers Outside the US

If anyone needed more evidence that we are headed into the Greatest Depression by 2016, you just got several big bricks upside your head. I’m not talking about Obamacare, where we have to wait to sign up to prove we’re screwed. I’m talking about actions that are being taken now by big companies that proves capital is being driven underground.

The bombshell comes from Chase, which announced that no more wire transfers are being permitted to anywhere outside the U.S. after Nov 17th. In addition, the maximum combined cash deposits and withdrawals during any billing cycle is capped at $50K. If you don’t understand why this is happening or the implication, you should read the link above, or our many previous posts on the subject.

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Once Again: The Default Canard

Boehner and the other establishment Republicans have capitulated on the debt ceiling. They believe that caving to the propaganda in the media and from the Democratics will give them a better chance in the 2014 elections. These Country Club Republicans forgot how they regained their power in 2010. Instead of respecting the Tea Party Republicans that enabled the Republicans to regain the House, Boehner and company thumbed their nose at them. They deserve to lose more than their elections in 2014.


Boehner helped Obama and Reed plant the default false flag. Warren Buffet, who will be dead before he has to live with his lies, compared a default to a nuclear and biological weapon. Let’s review again what these people are calling a default.

As was pointed over a week ago, we have plenty of money to pay our contractual debt obligations. All of the propagandist in the media and govt want you to believe that if you cut back on going out to dinner from eight times a month to seven, then you have defaulted on your debt. Not only is it not a default to cut back on everything except our contractual debt obligations, it is the prudent thing to do.

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Default False Flag

In typical fashion, our illustrious political leaders cannot simply tell us the truth about anything. Instead they rely on false flags and unplanned crisis to force through agenda’s that could never pass on their own merits. This time the fear of not raising the debt ceiling is being used to sell their selfish motives.

The President and the mainstream media are lying to you. The intentional co-mingling of our “contractual” debt obligation with spending “promises” is meant to confuse the public and make us believe that not paying park service rangers, or even Social Security is a default. As Bill Still precisely states, there is plenty of revenue to meet our “contractual” debt obligations. The majority of the spending are “promises”. Politicians simply do not want to be forced into prioritizing all the other spending that may cause them political headaches. Politician’s real concern is satisfying the banksters, not the public.


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Govt Will Be Coming For Your Retirement Accounts!

The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is so “concerned” about Baby Boomers falling prey to financial scams, they will be looking to assume responsibility of your retirement under the “Office for Older Americans” (no joke, this the actual name). The facade of “concern” will be used to take control of pensions, IRA’s and 401K, and manage (loot) it like they have Social Security. When the financial system starts to collapse due to interest rates rising, these accounts will be seized for the “security of the nation”. Thanks to everyone in advance for your trust in govt and your donation to the Union, and the bailout of the bankster banks. BTW, all you govt employees already loaned your employer money out of your retirement accounts (“TSP” Accounts) to keep the lights on when the debt ceiling was exceeded months ago. They gave you an IOU assuming the debt ceiling would be raised, but since that is not guaranteed, I would call it theft and a lie.

Let’s briefly review the success of the socialistic policies since the “Raw Deal” was enacted by FDR. The family unit has been destroyed because the govt took responsibility for taking care of the elderly, something that for centuries was done by the children. The govt then raided the very fund (Social Security) they said would be used to take care of the parents (sorry folks, there is no lock box). After being told to save conservatively in bonds, the Nanny State then manipulated bond returns to near zero to prevent from blowing up their own budget, and preventing those living on fixed income from keeping pace with inflation.  Now that interest rates can’t be manipulated below zero, which is preventing them from rolling their debt without increasing the debt expense, govt will simply take your personal retirement accounts to pay their bills.

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Time is Running Out for Banksters & Political Traitors

As long as the Too Big To Fail Banks could keep the fraud investigations within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Justice Dept, and the rulings in NYC courts that they own, then they could avoid jail time. The air of invisibility that gave the banksters the confidence to manipulate municipal bond and LIBOR rates is starting to become toxic. The independent and serious Swiss have launched an investigation into the manipulation of the largest market on the planet – the $5.3 trillion-a-day foreign exchange market. The “Untouchables” will become not only touchable, they will hopefully enjoy the warm embrace of sex-starved inmates when scapegoats are needed after the next financial collapse (and the Greeks are setting the precedent).


The Touchable Untouchables

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The NSA Has NO Terrorist Stops to Its Credit

First, it was Snowden’s sacrifice that proved Director Clapper lied under oath when he said the NSA was not collecting any data on millions of Americans. Clapper also assured the American people (and Congress) that this program was not only lawful, but it had stopped hundreds of terrorist plots – remember?

Now, General Alexander admitted in his own words in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee that “one, perhaps two” plots were thwarted, which is also doubtful. When pressed by Senator Leahy to admit that only 13 of the 54 cases the NSA bragged about had any connection at all to U.S. terror plots, the General said,”yes”. It was during this line of questioning when Alexander acknowledged that only one or perhaps two of even those 13 cases had been foiled with help from the NSA’s vast phone records database.

So, if the NSA; who just completed a $2 billion server farm in Utah that can hold ALL the world’s data many times over, and is paying all the major service providers to supply back door access to phone records; is not snooping on the American people to stop terrorist, then why?

NSA server farm

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Message of Market: More Downside Likely

The “Invisible Hand” was telling us a month ago that a government shutdown or something was going to test the market. Eric’s chart of the S&P 500 and Oil’s Diffusion Index on Sept 2nd says there will be better times to buy the dip.

Chart: SP 500 (SPX) and Crude Oil Diffusion Index (DI)

If a crisis is needed to reopen the non-essential portions of govt, a stock market crash would do it. Nothing can get a politician to act like seeing their portfolio tank.


The Shutdown, Out of Control Spending, & Obamacare

The simple reason for out of control govt spending is that it is literally not controlled, as in not managed. Prior to 1978, each department had to submit (i.e. justify) a budget. Those that believe in Socialism decided that since they are spending other people’s money, why go through the hassle of actually determining for what they need our money. Once the money spigot is open, the primary managerial task of govt is to simply keep the spigot open. If this task can be automated, then management could significantly cut their workload. So, that is exactly what they did.

In 1978, Jimmy Carter significantly changed the structure of government funding and reporting. Instead of each dept submitting a budget, spending levels where simply increased based on CPI (Consumer Price Index), which is govt’s estimate of inflation. Besides the obvious irresponsibility of this approach, it also caused govt spending to explode in the 1980’s when inflation went through the roof (caused by govt policies, that started with Nixon’s overspending). This unjustified money produced the same thoughtless overspending that we saw with local govt’s that received windfall property tax revenue when govt policies caused the real estate bubble.

Now we have cost-push inflation, caused by enormous amounts of money printing that causes dollar-based commodities (which are over 85% of all commodities) to increase irrespective of actual growth. In fact, the large amounts of govt-supplied money (bad money) is squeezing out the good money and actually impeding growth, a monetary principle known as Gresham’s Law. Next will come rising cost due to tax inflation. Govt spending is permitted to rise irrespective of malfeasance, real growth, or if the growth comes from unsustainable debt/credit. If the govt doesn’t want to default, then prioritize the coupon payments and cut elsewhere!

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