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It’s Worse Than 1984

XKeyscore, the latest NSA tool revealed by Snowden’s truth-telling, collects ‘nearly everything a user does on the internet’. Do you remember when the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, testified under oath that they did not “wittingly” collect data on millions of Americans (jump to 6:40 mark); or when NSA Director Alexander said they don’t have the capability, even if they wanted to; or the many other politicians, including Rep. Rogers (HEAD OF THE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE), who said “the NSA is not listening to Americans’ phone calls“?  THEY ARE ALL LIARS!!!

However, it doesn’t matter if they’re liars or fraudsters. When politicians and banksters break the law, they either have the judges in their pocket or they simply change the law, which is what they just did: Warrantless Cellphone Tracking Is Upheld.

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JP Morgan: $7 Billion in Fines, Still No Jail Time

JPM has been caught manipulating energy and aluminum markets, which is just another walk in the park for the “untouchables”. The most notorious of the bankster banks, JP Morgan, has been caught AGAIN violating THE LAW. A list of the frauds, that has resulted in $7 BILLION worth of fines in the last two years, but no jail time, can be found here).

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies — Thomas Jefferson

Equally nauseating as the crime itself, is the (non)response by REGULATORS (those would be GOVT EMPLOYEES that some people want more of because they idealistically think it will make a difference). Just as in the Bernie Madoff case, the regulators have known about the frauds for a long time, but failed to act because the regulators and everyone in the food chain either make too much money off the fraud, or they are blackmailed with information obtained from the NSA, or they are promised high paying jobs when they leave govt.

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Your Government is Completely Mad

Everywhere one looks there is madness. The President is pushing for $1.6 TRILLION in new taxes, when we just had Detroit file bankruptcy for doing exactly what Obama wants to do for the whole country. California wants to force citizens to contribute to a government retirement fund that will be extracted into the general fund to keep govt afloat. It will not be set aside for retirees and will result in the same kind of losses that Detroit pensioners just realized (90% loss), or what future social security recipients will receive (worthless fiat currency that’s not worth the paper it’s not printed on). Not surprisingly, govt agencies don’t want to be subjected to the same lunacy they want to force on everyone else. What’s especially ironic about the IRS not being subjected to Obamacare is they are the ones enforcing the forced confiscation of your money. As governments continue to lose control due to the reality of math on their budgets, they will become more desperate to maintain power, which can only mean that the madness will metastasize.

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OECD Ensuring We Will Crash and Burn

While the media tries to keep you in the dark about what really matters, the global elite are tightening the noose on Liberty. BTW, if anyone cares about the facts in the Zimmerman case, this may help.

On Friday, the rich governments of the world collaborated on how they can extract tax dollars from corporations and individuals, in their ongoing attempts to salvage their bankrupt countries and maintain their power and perks. How far will the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) go to prevent reforming their member countries bloated bureaucracies? Allow me to quote the Director of the OECD’s Centre for Tax Policy, Pascal Saint-Amans, who said:

“We clearly have reached the point where the governments don’t care any more about taboos, and they just say we cannot be bound by pure contractual arrangements.”

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Detroit Bankruptcy is the Tip of the Iceberg

Detroit’s bankruptcy is now the largest of eight that have occurred since 2010, and it will not be the last. Karl Denninger’s post on the Detroit bankruptcy should be understood by everyone. Everything Karl says is true, especially his four axioms:

Economic progress only comes through capital formation.

Capital formation only comes from economic surplus.

Economic surplus is earnings less expenses including taxes.

All other forms of “development” are nothing more than leverage-driven bubbles.

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Those That Used Trayvon Martin Should be Prosecuted or Thrown Out of Office

I usually refuse to wade into these manipulated political false flags, but the stupid burns too much, and the hacks need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law (especially those in the media). For those that understand what our govt has become, the process and verdict was easier to predict than whether or not Bernanke will continue printing or Obama will exploit this case to erode the 2nd Amendment.

If you’re trying to create as much racial tension as possible, was there a better way to manage the outcome. The facts and the law where on Zimmerman’s side. All the political and racial whores had to do was build sympathy for Martin. Fortunately, an increasing number of people understand the tactics of govt and media, and haven’t fallen for the bs.

For those that don’t agree with the verdict, you should be angry at all those that used you for their own purposes. I urge you to join the rest of us and throw them out of office and force them to get a real job. I would also ask that you think for yourself, and start by honestly answering these questions:

1. If  Zimmerman was profiling Martin and hunting him down to kill him, why was he on the phone with 911 all that time?

2. Why was the fatal shot at point-blank range? If  Zimmerman intended to kill Martin, would he have allowed him to get that close?

3. How did Zimmerman get his injuries? Do you believe a person has a right to defend themselves when attacked?

4. If  Zimmerman did not have a gun, would he be alive today or would he have brain damage?

5. Why was the police chief and IT Director fired? They should sue for wrongful termination.

6. Why did the media always show pictures of Martin that were not recent pictures, instead showing pictures that were many years younger?

7. What would your response be if someone followed you, or questioned you about being on their property? Would you talk to the person to explain your situation? You may even choose to tell the person to go fly a kite, but would you then jump them… or walk away?

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Obama and Microsoft Accelerate the Downward Spiral

The hits just keep on rollin’, as Obama gives himself control of all communication systems in America.

In explaining the order, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) writes that the president has authorized the DHS “the authority to seize private facilities when necessary, effectively shutting down or limiting civilian communications.”

Skype logo

We also have further evidence that Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages. Since Microsoft’s stock has failed to perform along with the Fed-funded rally of assets, it tells me the writing is on the wall for Microsoft. When the market turns south, MSFT will lead the way…and it can’t come soon enough.

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Your Govt is Lying to You, or They Are Idiots

The Employment-Population Ratio is a key chart to consult in determining if our economy is improving or not. The govt and talking heads always want to direct us toward the statistics that they know are manipulated, like the standard unemployment rate or CPI, all for the purpose of making you think that their policies are the right ones so they can get re-elected.

For example, last Friday’s unemployment report showed an increase of 195,000 jobs. Does it matter if the net gain in jobs was all due to part-time jobs? What if a person had their hours cut to 25 hrs/week (say due to Obamacare) and they take another part-time job to make ends meet. Does that count as an added job? It does in the Establishment Survey. The Household Survey for June showed we lost 240K full-time jobs and gained 360K part-time jobs. The JOLTS data, which is delayed by a month, shows that the popular NFP jobs number is 40% to high so far for 2013.

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Jim Cramer Speaks the Arrogant Truth

For those that have not followed or believed the rampant criminal activity of all the major banks over the years including, but not limited to: manipulation of municipal bond offerings, US interest rates, and LIBOR rates; the money laundering for major drug cartels; the fraudulent securitization and selling of mortgages, robo-signing and foreclosure fraud; and the most recent anti-competitive blocking of exchanges from the massive OTC derivatives market; maybe this short interview with Jim Cramer from 2006 will open your eyes and provide a glimpse into the corruption and soul of those involved in financial markets

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BSA, not USA

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