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Karma Never Loses an Address

“Sometimes the law defends plunder and participates in it. Sometimes the law places the whole apparatus of judges, police, prisons and gendarmes at the service of the plunderers, and treats the victim — when he defends himself — as a criminal.” — Frederic Bastiat

Even if you have personally experienced the fraud in courts and law enforcement, you will still not believe how far the tentacles of corruption can reach. All you really need to understand is that as long as govt is the giant piggy bank with unlimited nipples, you can be fairly certain that even the runts can find a tit to suckle.

The interview below with Doug Rhodes, a former prosecutor, provides an in-depth look at the insidious corruption in the mortgage industry from a different perspective. You will also learn just how perverse the court system is with regard to allocation of resources and securitization of court cases.

NSA Bugged Powell, Petraeus, Obama, & More

To lighten the load, you may want to play the NSA’s new theme song as you read this next story (appropriately sung by the Police).

I said in an earlier post that “projects Stellar Wind and Prism have much more to do with tracking down tax money, making money, and political favors than tracking down terrorists.” I forgot to mention, collecting blackmail material on politicians, staffer’s, judges (including one Supreme Court Justice), lawyers, military officers, and Presidents.

The interview below with initial NSA whistleblower, Russ Tice, is another one of those instances where as soon as you think you’ve got your arms wrapped around an issue, you realize your thinking was way too small. Below is a short version that cuts to the chase, and the full interview is also provided (which you will end up listening to after you’ve heard the short version, I promise).

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Martin Armstrong Gives Government/Banks the Finger

“Authority, when first detecting chaos at its heels, will entertain the vilest schemes to save its orderly facade.”  — V for Vendetta

A few months ago Martin Armstrong moved his site to Switzerland because he knew the NSA’s potential. After new attempts to hack his server and a physical break-in, he had this to say:  “it matters not how many judges and politicians you own. You will NOT restore your power to its peak. Your days are numbered.” … “You could have spent a few hundred million on REAL research instead of bribing officials.”

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Now What?

Well, we got more than one dissenter and a whiff of tapering and it looks like we will get the predicted sell-off of around 1000 Dow points. There was also a 7th sighting of the Hindenburg Omen, reinforcing the 25% chance of a market crash, and a 70% chance of a decline of at least 8% in the next four months.

The bigger news that is indicating ominous times ahead is the spike in rates and the drying up of liquidity (particularly in China) that lubricates the bankers engine of trust. The highly levered FX and interest rate markets should be forcing margin calls over the next few days, which will propel the selling.

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“What Is Bernanke So Afraid Of?”

Rick Santelli’s rant today was maybe his best. Unfortunately, it was all for show, because Rick is too smart not to know the answer.

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“Trust, but verify.”

The NSA claimed it stopped bombings of the NY Stock Exchange and subway. As I stated in my previous post, where are the arrest and indictments? A terrorist act does not need to be pulled off for it to be a crime. Instead of the media claiming the NSA saved the day, why don’t they ask for the arrests that proves it! They seriously want us to just take their word for it, even though their top officials have already been caught lying under oath. I guess I should also believe the dog ate my kids homework. If I kept the dog in the garage, would I be accused of doing my kids homework?

They still haven’t explained how their surveillance missed the Boston bombers, even though they used cell phones. The reason is simple. Most of their assets are focused on building a file on every American to track down money, not terrorist. It’s the same reason that FBI investigators were re-assigned off of tracking down white-collar crime on Wall Street. Your tax dollars are being used to tax the last penny in your pocket, and not to prosecute the very people who killed the economy and reduced the tax base and receipts. Only the govt could be at the center of a such a brain-dead circle jerk.

“Trust, but verify.”

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Pre-Bernanke Assessment

With the Fed’s dog and pony show tomorrow, it might be a good time to asses some fundamentals and technicals to see how markets might react over the next few days. The fear strawman that has been planted over the last few weeks is that the Fed would “taper” (reduce its bond purchases/QE). It must be for theatrical or trading purposes, because who doesn’t know that if the Fed stops printing, the market and GDP will collapse. If your credit cards were max’ed out and your banks cuts your limit, will your spending (GDP) contract? The taper talk produced the expected market weakness, and when weak economic data was released, and the probability of tapering declined, the market bounced back. So, what will the Fed actually do? The short answer is, he will get back in his helicopter and continue raining printed money down on the banks (not Main St.). The bigger question is, how will markets react?

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Government: US Citizens Are Idiots (Have You Forgotten Benghazi Yet?)

Miss Alabama’s response to the question on whether NSA surveillance is an invasion of privacy or a necessity, typifies the thoughts of many and exemplifies the challenges we face as a country. I cannot fault a young person who was educated in a system that removed civics classes many moons ago. In fact, unless you’ve had some specific reason to dig into a government abuse or fraud, you may feel the same. However, sometime in the near future something will happen that will change your frame of reference. Maybe, all it will take is a chance encourter with our courts or IRS, but you will become more aware. The only question is, will it be too late? It’s comparable to monitoring the gauge’s on your cars’ dash. You could choose to never look at them, believing your car is just fine, until it’s not. Or, you could spend a few seconds to monitor the cars status to avoid being broken down along the side of the road, or worse. Hopefully, this NSA story will be a wake-up call that will give you a reason to look down.

People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both”– Ben Franklin

The head of the NSA, Army Gen. Keith Alexander, told a Senate panel on Wednesday that surveillance has stopped “dozens” of potential terrorist attacks by looking  at the phone records, emails and other Internet searches of people suspected of  terrorism-related incidents. If this is true, then there ought to be “dozens” of arrests, indictments, prosecutions and convictions for those crimes. After all, terrorism or attempted terrorism is a crime that cannot be deemed “secret”. So, where are they?

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Market Update

What are the markets and technical indicators telling us about the direction of the economy and world stability?

We had our sixth Hindenburg Omen signal since May 31st. Those not familiar with this technical indicator can read about it here. It basically measures the instability in the market and when confirmations are elected it has successfully predicted virtually all of the major market declines over the last 29 years. It does not mean the big crash is eminent, but it does mean there is now a 25% chance there will be a crash of at least 15%, and a 70% chance we will see an 8% decline over the next four months. When you start getting a large number of new highs and new lows simultaneously, as we have been getting over the last month, it’s an indication of the uncertainty in markets. Market do not like uncertainty, and as a result investors pull their chips off the table.

The technical indicators I monitor point to increased volatility over the next few months, with one more sell off of at least 1000 Dow points, and one more money-printing rally that could take the Dow to the upper boundary of the “Jaws of Death” pattern that has been forming since the 2000 high. The resistance level for this expanding bearish wedge, or megaphone pattern, is around 16,500 – 17,000, depending on how long it takes to reach these levels. The predicted collapse from this level could be historic, and would likely accompany the transition to another reserve currency for the world, which is already overdue. By the time German elections role around in September, we should know the trend.

Jaws of Death

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Does Congress Support Cloward & Piven?

Many naive souls still give government the benefit of the doubt. They want to believe that if we give the government more data, money, and people; then it will miraculously make them safer, and the waste, fraud, and abuse will somehow become inconsequential. If the following story does not make your blood boil, then you’re one of them.

Investigation into IRS’s ITIN Program:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6: