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A Financial System Dependent of Hypothication and Fractional Lending is Doomed

If you ever hear an arcane word or phrase like Quantitative Easing, Targeted Asset Relief Program, or hypothication, then you have your first clue that you’re being royally screwed. If your not familiar with the financial term “hypothication”, it could become more ominous than collateralized debt obligation (CDO). Hypothication is basically the lending of collateral, and when that same collateral is lent out multiple times it’s call re-hypothication. How many people even realize that their assets in the bank can be lent out multiple times without their consent? Think about this for one minute. Our credit-based economy is not only predicated on leveraging deposits (collateral) 15-20 times through our fraudulent fractional reserve lending system, but it is also dependent on collateral that is rehypothicated up to 100 times. Therefore, our banking system is actually levered up to 1500-2000 to 1. This should help explain why Lehman could have so quickly brought down the system.

It’s bad enough that there’s so little good collateral around that it has to be shared between bankers like a single life-jacket in a sea of bad debt. Oh no! In the world of bankster banks, where a given inch will be taken for a million miles, the life jacket of collateral has been cut into a hundred little pieces of styrofoam and sold as a lifeboat.

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POTus Calling the Kettle Black

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The lies and deceit coming from this President of the United States (POTUS) are beyond disgraceful, and certainly raises the bar for future Presidents. Whether you measure declined Freedom of Information request, redacted text, or the war against whistle-blowers and leaks, this self-professed transparent President is the most secretive in history. By the way, what’s the difference between a leak and a whistle-blower? Both reveal incidents of government lying that someone with a conscience would like to report. If government was truthful, then what would there be to leak? Are the leaks about national security or national embarrassment and cover-ups, and why is government attacking the reporter who is the recipient of the information? Why is the media having a tizzy about the government invading the privacy of reporters, when ALL digital information is captured and stored by the government for ALL citizens? The only thing that’s transparent in this Administration is the Presidents character.

Our American Pravda

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One of the obscene frauds that must be targeted is the misinformation, and intentional neglect by the mainstream media, which is why it’s the focus of one of the 5-Steps. If the public truly understood the depths of the various forms of propaganda that have been perpetrated against them, I would like to believe that outrage would shortly ensue. The problem is, most people are totally unaware of how they’ve been duped, a testament to the effectiveness of the managed deceit.

Most people don’t like being the brunt of a joke, although some of the people interviewed in the Jay Leno “Jay Walking” clips seem to wear their ignorance as a badge of honor in a society that achieves bliss through ignorance. However, the massive coordinated fraud between the media and the perpetrators in government and corporate America provides a legitimate excuse for people to be ill-informed. I hope the anger people feel once they realize they’ve been horrifically duped will be channeled at the perpetrators instead of being suppressed out of embarrassment.

There are many sources that have been documenting the propaganda, but two articles I read over the weekend will summarize some of the more egregious cases. The first comes from The American Conservative, and is titled, “Our American Pravda“. It documents the silence and misleading reporting around stories that should be on the front page, like the Bernie Madoff Ponzi, WMD’s, the Vioxx scandal, the Bernard Kerik nomination as Intelligence Czar, the anthrax mailing scare after 9/11, the Vietnam POW cover-up, and many more stories you may or may not remember. One of the more important stories and references was to Sibel Edmonds, the FBI whistle-blower who fought and won her case, and now writes the popular blog, Boiling Frogs. You can read her story and see interviews on her site that I promise will open your eyes to the world of deceit that has been constructed by the media, corporate boardrooms, and alimentary canals of government. All of the linked references in The American Conservative article are well worth your time.

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If the common message of the Tea Party and OWS (Occupy Wall St.) movements would be harnessed, then an unstoppable force could drive the changes that Congress will never proactively undertake. It’s now clear that the words and actions of the government have NOT CHANGED the course of the economy. It is time to stop the rhetoric and unite with a common purpose, or risk losing the Republic.

OWS + TP = OFOC (Occupy Fraud • Obey Constitution)

This plea is directed at the folks that understand the major issues: government is destructively corrupt, the financial system must be reformed, the Constitution must be respected and defended, and government will never proactively do the right thing. Government is always the problem because they can never look at themselves as the cause. The focus for change is on the groups most responsible for the frauds and abuses: Congress, the bankster banks, the media, the healthcare industry and food industry.

The motivation behind these actions is to restore the principles that made this country great, before the markets force an out of control change. It is also done with the recognition that nothing will ever be done unless it starts from the ground up. Does anyone seriously think government will vote themselves less power and/or eliminate the jobs of colleagues?  It only takes a small percentage of the people to create change.

The bigger items like eliminating the income tax and replacing it with a consumption tax (Fair Tax), and privatizing as much of government as possible to instill competition will take time.  If people are so inclined, they could organize their protest so as not to be ignored. For example, occupy DC with a continuous caravan of patriots, rotating in from every state. Each vehicle carrying enough supplies and people to last a week or two. Maintain the occupation until the changes are made. However, in the meantime there needs to be specific actions that ANYONE could and should take to get the ball rolling now. Therefore, the following 5-STEPS are proposed to target the core issues:

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The Immigration of Tyranny is the Only Kind of Migration Your Government Wants

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Do you want to be forced to possess a National ID Card that contains your fingerprints and retinal scan? What about being required to present this National ID Card to get a job, travel, or conduct financial transactions? Well, this is what you’re going to get if you allow the current “Immigration Reform” Bill to pass through the alimentary canals of Congress. In a vacuum, some may believe these abuses of our freedoms are mere inconvenience, like the Patriot Act and being felt up at the airport. I’m reasonably sure that many Polish and Czechs citizens didn’t mind showing their National ID’s for a while either.

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There had to be more to this Immigration Bill than what was being discussed in the mainstream media. After all, why was this Bill being pushed so aggressively with the country facing so many pressing issues? Now we know why this False Flag of caring for illegals was being planted to distract you from the true intent. Ron Paul has a short video that explains the potential abuses in this Bill, and he provides an easy way for you to sign an electronic petition to stop this National ID Card.

Why U.S. Manufacturing Can’t Get Off the Mat

The reason US Manufacturing can’t get off the mat is because they’ve been pinned by an 800 lb gorilla named Bernanke and a CONgress and President that together couldn’t manage a hot dog stand. The article accurately presents some of the data that shows manufacturing is stagnant at best, and there’s plenty more data that proves this point (and more). However, in its predictable fashion, the mainstream media only tells half the story.

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The USA Was Much Better Off Before The IRS

Many of us could come up with our own list of IRS abuses. It’s also safe to say that no one would miss the IRS if they disappeared tomorrow. If you need further evidence that the IRS is completely out of control and thoroughly corrupt, Michael Snyder documents a few personal cases, as well as provides his reasons why we were much better off as a country before the IRS.

Martin Armstrong also provides his story of his chilling encounter with the IRS, as does Michael Burry in his commencement address (go to the 14:00 mark). For your reference, Mr. Armstrong is the founder of Princeton Economics, and one of the most sought after economic consultants in the world. Michael Burry is the genius doctor from “The Big Short” that made billions on his subprime bet.

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What No One Wants to Hear About Benghazi…or the IRS and DOJ

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There’s nothing wrong with a little wishful thinking. It would be a good start, but if equal justice prevailed their hands would be cuffed behind their back. Don’t count on it. What you can count on is a “coincidental” distraction in the very near future.

Regarding Benghazi – I can’t say it any better than Ron Paul. It should be clear why Dr. Paul was black-balled during the Presidential campaign. Our government is run by a bunch of narcissistic sociopaths who could care less about who they kill. While Dr. Paul may provide the most honest report on Benghazi, Jon Stewart exemplifies why many a truth is said in jest.

As we should have learned with Fast & Furious, when you hand guns over to bad guys, they do bad things…and when you’re an Indian giver with really bad guys, very bad things happen, especially when you give them really big guns. Just like with banksters, when you feel untouchable, there’s nothing you think you can’t do. The biggest problem, beyond the useless loss of life, is the U.S. population suffers the blow-back.

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The Black Hole That Is Government


Government is like a giant black hole that sucks the life, money, and morality from society. The IRS targeting of conservative groups is just the latest in a long list of abuses by the government to manipulate behavior and take money out of the pocket of productive citizens. Anyone that believes these IRS agents were rogue employees looking for more work to do, is simply delusional. It would not surprise me at all if Obama’s next plan to improve the economy called for hiring an army of government auditors to go after gun owners. Once everyone is required to register their gun they’ve got everything they need. What’s the harm? What do you have to hide? So what if you’re totally innocent and have to pay through the nose to hire an attorney to defend yourself. Aren’t you willing to do your patriotic duty to stimulate the legal industry?

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Why The Disconnect Between Stocks and the Economy?

In a recent article by CNBC, the author explains why stocks continue to climb higher, even though we remain stuck in the Great Recession. The attempt to “demystify” the disconnect between stocks and the economy provides just enough truth to give readers the impression that the rise is inevitable, so long as the Fed stays involved. Not only did they use false positives, but the article fails to even mention the reasons for the bigger flows of capital into the market, nor does it answer the big question – weren’t the Fed’s policies supposed to improve the economy? An even more fundamental question is, does it even matter what the reasons are for the disconnect? The disconnect that the author acknowledged will all be resolved soon enough.
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