Expect More NSA BS after Paris Attack

As we have documented, the NSA data gathering is about tracking taxes, not terrorists. Even the NSA has admitted that MAYBE one terrorist event has been thwarted by their data gathering efforts. Either they are incompetent or they have ulterior motives, which the public never considers because they blindly believe govt’s altruistic propaganda, when in fact they are just like everyone else that puts their own self-interest first – except they have the power to actually enforce their sociopathic will.

It’s been over 14 years since 9/11, when we were told that the numerous “intelligence” agencies couldn’t communicate with each other well, and we needed the Patriot Act to protect us and track money, even though the biggest banks have repeatedly been caught laundering money for drug cartels and terrorist organizations. Now we have Muslim teenagers communicating seamlessly enough to plan and execute a well coordinated attack on Paris. Even if one does want to believe that the NSA is tracking terrorist, who actually thinks the terrorist use phones and the internet? Besides, it doesn’t take a whole lot of intelligence to figure out that a policy of open boarders and no-go zones (like our sanctuary cities and porous borders) is going to incubate a few crazies, especially when the US is arming ISIS and creating the refugees.

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Global Warming is VERY Old News

Mr. G. Edward Griffin does a very nice job of documenting the motivation of the self-interested politicians and the others that benefit from the global warming hoax, including providing the “Monthly Weather Review” article that discusses the warming and loss of ice in the Artic in 1922. It appears that NOAA conveniently doesn’t read their own archives.

What the article does not address is why do so many people continue to ignore or rationalize the fraud. Most environmentalist believe that the ends justifies the means, even if the ends will never be achieved. They believe that taxing carbon will reduce pollution, even though CO2 has little to do with land and water pollution.

There is no excuse for people not to know that man-made CO2 does not cause the climate to change. However, I don’t think they care about this inconvenient fact because they think that reducing economic output will reduce carbon-based energy output, which protects the environment. They believe that it’s okay if the poor nations extort the carbon tax revenue out of the rich nations, because they think the rich nations deserve it. It doesn’t even matter if the corrupt politicians skim off the majority of the tax and none of it gets to the people. This is the standard progressive MO. As long as there heart is in the right place, then math and science (reality) doesn’t matter. BTW, the war mongers and ‘sanctioners’ make the same justification when touting the benefits of nation building and imposing sanctions.

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What’s Really Behind Mandatory Vaccines, and the Govt that Endorses Them?

Okay, so we know the FDA is a collaborator with the pharmaceutical industry and not an enforcer of frauds. This is certainly not news to anyone that pays attention. After all, the same is true of the SEC, CFTC, and the other financial regulators that have allowed the banksters to continue their epic run of fraud. The same is true for the govt regulators and accountants that oversee the Pentagon’s budget, and promote the global warming hoax in order to collect more taxes. One could literally fill these pages with govt abuses, ineptness, fraud, and other self-interested actions. What is newsworthy is that all the establishment candidates and at least half the country still wants more of this insanity. Why?

This must-see interview with a former pharmaceutical sales rep should be very concerning to everyone, not just the people with children, who will be forcibly injected with three times the number of vaccines than we had as kids, which do not even face the same flawed efficacy standards as prescribed medications. What should be equally concerning is that we have allowed ourselves to become so delusional, so divorced from the principles that made this country unique and great, that we will take the word of someone simply because they hold a position of power. Who doesn’t think that the people in power do not prioritize their own self interest?

Our founding fathers understood that ALL men and women are flawed, especially when they obtain power, which is why they believed in a citizenry govt, one void of career politicians, and one where those in govt have to live by the same laws they pass. The fact that non-establishment candidates are leading in the Republican race is indicative that many not only understand the system is broke, but they also understand who broke it. What about the Left? Not so much.

This story of collaborative fraud between the govt and pharma overlaps with another story about how the top 500 US companies that keep $2.1 billion in off-shore accounts. The knee jerk response is to believe this is unfair, and that if these corporations just paid their fair share, then our debt and fraud problems would vanish, and we could find gold at the end of the rainbow being shat from the Unicorns dancing around in the minds of Liberals.

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The Lies about GloBull Warming & Guns Speak Volumes

The lies about global warming and guns harm the economy and violate our rights, while doing nothing to halt what they claim to prevent. These frauds do advance the agenda of the establishment, and it also demonstrates how easily the masses can be manipulated. What would be laughable, if it wasn’t so sad, is that the believers in globull warming and the abolishment of the 2nd Amendment will admit that the govt lies about all kinds of things. It just happens to never lie about their interests. It’s the same convenient logic that believes that taxing carbon will reduce carbon, but income and prosperity won’t be reduced when they are taxed. I guess if the increase in the minimum wage doesn’t kill jobs, then they should eliminate the “sin” taxes because they don’t cut smoking and drinking.

The govt lied about WMDs, the Pentagon’s misplaced $trillions, the theft of the Social Security “trust fund”, Fast and Furious (gun running) in Mexico and Benghazi, IRS-targeting of conservatives, our fraudulent involvement in Ukraine and Syria, and what the definition of sex is or what the meaning of is, is. Govt Regulators let major corporations (donors) lie about fraudulently packaging mortgage-backed securities (MBS), rating them AAA when they were junk, and then selling them around the world, only to have them blow up in 2007-2008. The govt lied about the harm of unregulated derivatives that caused the financial crash, and the use of $700 Billion in Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds that bailed out the banks after the crisis. But, the govt would never lie about their motives behind wanting to confiscate guns or why they promote the idea that man can alter our climate, which has always been oscillating.

Govt Regulators let their banksters lie about manipulating municipal bond and LIBOR rates, lets big pharma lie about harmful drugs, and the FDA lies about the food pyramid and GMO’s. Govt prosecutors lie about evidence that falsely jails innocent people, and judges take bribes from the prison industry that sends kids to jail to keep the utilization rate above target. Bush lied about 9-11 and the Saudi’s involvement, and the Clintons lie when they say they care about the people, when in fact the two most devastating pieces of legislation were signed by Bill – Gramm-Leach-Bliley, which repealed the key components of Glass-Steagall in 1999; and the 1998 Amendment to HEA, that made student loan debt the only debt that cannot be expunged through bankruptcy.

The list of lies could go on and on, and most already understand that govt and their donors are one big cesspool of lies, fraud, and self-serving corruption, but somehow they are telling the truth about global warming and guns. REALLY?!

The govt wants us to believe the “preponderance of evidence” that says man is responsible for altering the climate, even though they made the same definitive claims about WMD’s in Iraq, and scientists have PROVEN that the climate change models are bogus, not to mention that the climate has been oscillating since well before the dawn of man and the invention of the internal combustion engine. The motivations and claims by govt about man-made climate change and their reasons for wanting to take away our 2nd Amendment rights are nothing more than more than self-serving lies.

In this age of corporate media, where the Fairness Doctrine has been repealed and Edwin R. Murrow’s warnings over 50 years ago have come to fruition, it should be obvious that the so-called news is nothing but propaganda. So, why do so many people still believe the BS?  I don’t know, but it should alert everyone to the power of propaganda, and the need to question everything – even audience questions for presidential candidates.

The Climate Change Hoax

Everyone needs to watch Henrik Svensmark’s documentary on climate change and cosmic rays, and then ask themselves, why was this research denied publication for almost two years? As Armstrong has documented, “The majority of the establishment in academics ALWAYS rejects anything that contradicts their theories. Change must always come from the outside in, and never from the inside out.”

As renowned physicist and Democrat, Freeman Dyson, recently stated in an interview with The Register, “Pollution is quite separate to the climate problem: one can be solved, and the other cannot, and the public doesn’t understand that.” So, why does govt intentionally conflate pollution caused by fossil fuels with climate change?  The answer is easy, if one understands the history of govt’s.

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Dems Want Unicorns that Sh*t Rainbows

If one wanted to know why our country is going down the tubes, all they needed to do was watch the Democratic debate. What a joke – Clinton’s biggest fear is ethical standards; Bernie thinks the climate is our biggest threat; and all the democrats don’t care about Hillary deleting her emails, which will show at a minimum her knowledge of gun running to Syrian rebels, that put ISIS over the top, destabilized the Middle East, and caused the massive influx of refugees into Europe that will insure their bankruptcy and civil unrest, which will drive capital into the dollar, blowing up dollar-based debts held all over the world. BTW, why did no one ask who signed Bill’s Bill that rescinded Glass-Steagall in 1999, which all the candidates railed against for giving the banks too much speculative power by combining traditional lending with investment banking?


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What’s Coming After 10/1/15?

Anyone that has followed the forecasting ability of Martin Armstrong’s models knows that his projections should be taken seriously. What adds to the respect for his work, beyond the accuracy of the results and effort/cost to assemble the world’s largest database of economic-relevant data, is that it all makes sense to anyone that appreciates nature (human and non-manmade), physics, thermodynamics, and to put it more simply – reality. There is a reason an Asian country offered $500 million for his model/database, and the US govt threw him in jail for so long without charges.

Slide from Armstrong’s 1998 World Economic Conference

1998 WEC

A Vision for the Youth

Any young person that wants to take back their future from the generations before them that economically raped them and stuck them with the bill, should read the two short post from Armstrong below:

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Climate Change: 7 – 8 Indisputable Facts

Propagandist prey on people’s beliefs and biases. Just as patriots can be sold the liberty-killing Patriot Act or believe the NSA’s data gathering is all about finding terrorist; anti-capitalist (that conflate it with crony-capitalism) find it easy to blame the earth’s cyclical temperature fluctuations on man’s selfish desire to improve his standard of living, while simultaneously wanting to pollute his community.

People also tend to believe what they want to believe and ignore the rest. The human brain finds it difficult to process a multi-variant problem, choosing instead to rely on simple linear, if this then that explanations. For example, those that believe that exponential growth of the world’s population will produce overpopulation and starvation due to the depletion of the earth’s resources, conveniently believe that exponential growth in debt is somehow sustainable.

The other flaw with man’s lazy and self-important logic is the belief that trends continue forever in the same direction, and that man can manage or manipulate the trend. This hubris infects Central Bankers, who think they can manipulate the business cycle, the same way it leads people to believe that man can manipulate the earth’s climate; or that factors like war, diseases, and weather-based famine don’t curb the growth in population. Sorry, but man is helpless against the powers of mother nature and her desire to find equilibrium, which must be quite confounding for naturalist.

One of the seven undisputable facts about climate change is that temperatures have actually declined over the last 18 years, while CO2 increased, which has had an estimated benefit of $3.2 trillion over the last 50 years due to the ancillary aid of CO2 on increased agriculture output. They could add an 8th fact – the Artic ice has expanded hundreds of miles in the last three years, despite the propagandist claims that the ice should have disappeared by 2104.

GloBull warming/cooling (climate change) is and always has been about a new tax to save govt jobs, perks, and power; and the money to be made from trading carbon credits. One of the economic beneficiaries of carbon trading has been Al Gore. Luckily, many of his investments, like the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), have lost investors millions, as Cap and Trade legislation has luckily failed to pass. Don’t worry about “Inconvenient Al” though, as he has profited handsomely from his families long standing relationship with Occidental Petroleum and the sale of Current TV to Al-Jazeera (funded by oil-rich Qatar).

The fact is the sun is in the process of taking a nap, which will have people living north of Georgia praying for global warming in the decades ahead. This cooling cycle has happened many times before, just as it did during 1776 when Washington was crossing the frozen Delaware river.

GW crossing the Delaware

Since the majority of the believers in man-made globull warming also despise the wealthy, why aren’t they in favor of it, as it would surely flood the coastal homes of the people they hate? I’ve got an idea, why don’t all the warming believers move north. An entrepreneur should set up a real estate site where the warming wackos could sell their southern homes to the cooling crowd, and vice versa.

Lastly, remember that panics are caused by the majority being on the wrong side of a particular view. When that view changes, whether in a stock or an idea, the masses that are trapped in the biases of their own mind provide the fuel for the stampede.

Spotify Just Got Real Creepy With YOUR Data

Many naïve souls might say they don’t care if Spotify, cell phone providers like AT&T, or the NSA are collecting the data that defines their lives. They argue that “I have nothing to hide. I am not breaking any laws, etc., so why are people so paranoid?”

Spotify wants to be able to access the sensor information on your phone so it can determine whether you’re walking, running or standing still. It wants to know your GPS coordinates, grab photos from your phone and look through your contacts too. And it may share that information with its partners, so a whole load of companies could know exactly where you are and what you’re up to.

What these people fail to grasp is the reason there is a hunt for data (actually money), and the impact it has on capital – you know, that critical ingredient that is required to start and grow businesses. The reason the velocity of money is at 1950’s level and the world economy is contracting is due to capital getting off the grid because broke govt’s are on the prowl for anything that can be converted to cash. The abuse of the Constitution and our privacy has little to do with stopping terrorism, and everything to do with tracking money and the loss of trust and confidence, which is the foundation for a strong economy.

First they came for the Jews

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Good News – 2 Months Until Govt Peaks

There is little doubt that higher taxes, fees, tickets, and penalties will be headed our way, as this is always govt’s “solution” for mismanaged budgets. Chicago’s “solution” for rampant debts (that have caused credit downgrades) is a steady increase in taxes, which have caused people and businesses to leave the city and state. Now they are proposing a 30% increase in property taxes, and “appreciation bonds” that pay no interest, a ploy that even Puerto Rico deemed too risky. Cities and counties across the nation will be targeting property taxes to fund the ever-increasing public sector and public pensions. As previously discussed, raising taxes on illiquid real estate during a cycle of higher interest rates that will last for decades will certainly reduce the demand for real estate. Since real estate is the biggest investment for Americans, Europeans, and Asians, the global deleveraging process is going to be very painful for homeowners, resulting in many walking away from their homes, just as they did in Rome.

London will impose a hefty tax on foreigners that have bought property in the city. Washington just raised the gas tax by 7 cents per gallonFrance is paying informants to confiscate wealth, and the capital controls imposed on Greek citizens to prevent them from taking control of their own assets is grinding the economy to a halt.  How brain-dead does a politician have to be to not realize that people and businesses can move, taking their purchasing power and jobs with them? I guess the answer is – as long as brain-dead voters keep believing that the solution is more govt, which always results in more fraud, abuse and mismanagement. Fortunately, there are limits to the madness, which the world will see as the sovereign defaults start in earnest after 9/30/15.

The Greek businesses discussed in the article above, that can’t pay for raw materials because they can’t get access to their funds, had many months if not years of warnings that capital controls were coming. Only economic ignorance kept these Greek businesses in their banking system. If one does not understand how an economy prospers to raise the living standards for all, then how can they understand the interconnectivity of a world economy and how govt’s desperate need for cash is shutting down global commerce? Maybe they could just ask themselves, once govt has it all, then who will make the goods and provide the services on which they depend?

As business activity declines and deflation sets it, how are govt’s going to continue to spend at an increasing rate? Of course, govt’s incompetence, hubris, and inability to reform will cause it to try to get blood from a stone; but these efforts, as witnessed in Greece and Puerto Rico, only make the problem worse. This is the peak in govt that will start to spread on 10/1/15.

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