CITI Moves Headquarters to the House of (non)Reps.

Jamie Dimon may be able to pick up the phone and directly lobby CONgress to remove all the teeth from Dodd-Frank , but he couldn’t outspend Citigroup for the office space at the House of (pretend) Representatives. While the move is satire, the only difference in the results is the travel expenses. The banking favors written into the spending bill should leave no doubt as to who is running the country. Senator Warren, like Brooksley Born, has warned everyone – again. Expect the establishment to start portraying Warren as a devil-worshiping  transvestite.

Ever since the banking cartel showed their plans when Cyprus depositors where bailed-in to cover bank losses, it became clear that tax-payer funded bail-outs where going to be replaced by the bail-in. After all, you are assuming the risk when you loan your money to the bank. CONgress has now written it into the law that it is okay for banks to speculate with your deposits, using levered, unregulated OTC derivatives. When they blow up again (with 100% certainty), you will be in the same boat as Madoff’s and Corzine’s customers – going to NY judges to try to get your money back from NY banks. Good luck with that one.

Could the people finally be pushed to their limit when their retirement accounts and deposits receive a haircut? The US Treasury is not taking any chances, as they are actually ordering survival kits for all of their employees.

“Desperationism” – A Policy for Disaster

If you’ve ever read about the Great Depression, then you know that the protectionist policies, and other knee-jerk govt interventions like tariffs, taxes, price controls, currency manipulations, the Agricultural Adjustment Act, and gold confiscation made the great depression much worse. Instead of relying on the free market to self-correct, as occurred in the 1920-21 Depression, contemporary govt’s try to “manage” the output based on what’s best for them and their donors. Yes, there is a reason you probably have never heard about the rapid recovery from the 1920-21 Depression, and instead only hear how Roosevelt saved us from the Great Depression, which like Japan’s never-ending recession, lasted decades due to govt’s self-centered meddling.

When you start from an ignorant premise, like declining prices was the cause, instead of the result of the Great Depression, is it any wonder why implementing policies to raise prices (i.e. paying farmers not to produce) made the problems worse. Yet, we continue to rely on inexperienced, self-interested remedies disguised in “intellectually superior” gibberish like QE, which has not worked after almost six (6) years of employment, because it’s a mathematical impossibility. Roosevelt is famous for saying, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. The reality is the only thing to fear is a politician that believes govt is a means for achieving one’s private aspirations.

Unfortunately, it appears that ignorance and self-serving policies have no bounds when it comes to govt employees who are desperate to hang on to their underserved perks and power. Not only is FATCA permitting the govt to hunt down any spare change it can find, but so is the Supreme Court’s interpretation of slavery. You see, if you left the US after birth and never returned, you are still owned by the IRS. Even if you NEVER lived in the so-called land of the free, and one of your parents was born in the USA, the IRS still thinks they own you – and in our upside down judicial system, it’s up to you to prove otherwise. Since all of these policies are born out of govt desperation, I am coining a new overarching policy called DESPERATIONISM, which as history has taught us, usually leads to despotism.


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Open Letter to Dr. Ben Carson


Ben Carson



Dear Dr. Carson;

I have always respected your messages, and believed that you could have been a different/honest President. My concern now is you may be trying to carry on the (unimpressive) tradition of being a “lap dog” for the establishment. If you intend to expose and fight against the fraudulent health care industry, I am asking that you please respond in public to the request below:

Based on your article in Newsmaxwhich omits the most important aspects of the fraudulent “Govt Industry” that rammed Obamacare down America’s throat, I contend that you are following the same recipe as other self-interested conservatives that deceptively focus on the obvious stupidity of Gruber and the self-interested pawns on the Left.  You fail to address the root cause of high health care cost – the lack of competition, which the health care lobby has minimized by “buying” preferential treatment from the whores in Congress that masquerade as our Representatives.

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The Forecaster

The world will now have the opportunity to meet the man who hopefully will influence the govt reform that is so desperately needed across the globe. “The Forecaster” debut’s this weekend, and could be the top documentary at this years film festival in Amsterdam. Here is a good summary of why Armstrong made the movie.

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The Truth Behind Healthcare & The Media’s Cover-up

Denninger speaks the truth as only he can, and always in a mathematically sound fashion.  Anyone with any brain activity didn’t need for the “Unaffordable Reduce Care Act (URCA)” to pass to know what was in it, as Nancy Pelosi pleaded and Gruber has now divulged. However, the vast majority of people still do not understand or appreciate WHY healthcare costs have been rising at a 9.3% annual clip for over 30 years, which is the heart of unaffordable healthcare problem.

BTW, why are all the Gruber tapes just now coming out? Obviously, someone has been sitting on them for years. Why weren’t they exposed before Obamacare was signed into law or before the 2012 Presidential election? Equally important, why is no one in the mainstream media even asking these obvious question?  Something smells even worse than Obamacare, and it might just be that the establishment will do anything to distract the people from understanding the real problem with our health care industry – including throwing Obama and his signature legislation under the bus.

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Bankster vs Systemic (Invisible Hand) Manipulation

Armstrong’s response to the UBS gold rigging scandal exemplifies why everyone should be reading him daily, and once again demonstrates how “ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can be manipulated against the free market trend – NOTHING.”

As much as policy makers want to believe they are God’s that can manipulate or “manage” the business cycle, they are nothing but theroticians with no real world experience, whose hypothesis’ are always rooted in their self-interest.

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The $9 Billion Witness Against JPMorgan Chase

In his first article after returning to Rolling Stone, Matt Taibbi almost hits a walk-off grand slam. Don’t get me wrong, his article titled “The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare” still knocks it out of the park, but the added drama of filling the bases with the other major players could have also captured the attention of the masses. Since anyone that cares about the govt-sanctioned fraud already knows the banksters robbed everyone blind, and Eric Holder, along with the mainstream media, are ethically challenged pawns owned by the establishment.


To advance the story it would be interesting to find out what type of bribe or blackmail it takes these days to control the Federal judges to the point they will alter evidence to maintain a 99% conviction rate that no one even bothers to think is unrealistic. Even A-Rod, McGwire, and Jose suffered a consequence for cheating.

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The Essential Vote for HONEST Hope and Change


There is one action you can take that will do more to initiate the recovery process than any other – VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS every election to achieve defacto term-limits, which will minimize the influence of lobbyist and money in politics. A change in the balance of power in Congress will NOT change anything, but sending a message to the establishment that the days of the career politician are numbered will speak volumes.

As the most accurate and unselfish market forecaster of all time has repeatedly stated, “career politicians are the single greatest threat to our long-term economic survival. Even John Maynard Keynes at least saw his ideas as delusion towards the end. Just before his death in 1946, Keynes told Henry Clay, a professor of Social Economics and Adviser to the Bank of England that he hoped that Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand” would help Britain out of the economic hole it is in: “I find myself more and more relying for a solution of our problems on the invisible hand which I tried to eject from economic thinking twenty years ago.” Keynes, who had worked in government, was infected with that same idea that government possesses the power to do anything. He came to his senses and realized the free markets always prevail. This is a lesson Hillary has to learn – but I fear she is too old to learn new tricks.”

Wether you believe the root of all evil is corporations, socialism, or the media, the one evil that enables all others are career politicians and judges that are appointed for life. The incestuous relationship between big corporations, govt, and the mainstream media, that use bribes and blackmail, ultimately depends on bureaucrats and judges to selectively enforce the rule of law, and spend money that they have no intention of ever paying back. We may not be able to stop the media from getting their record payday from political ads this year. However, we can make sure the return on investment is so dismal that it reverses the trend and exposes the myth of the free press.

Knowing their “investment” will be gone next election, not only makes the lobbyist’s bribes cost prohibitive, but it also makes it more difficult for the NSA to dig up the adequate dirt for blackmail on new people every election. Defacto term limits will also attract people with real-life experience that is so sorely lacking in govt, and provide laws, under which their families and businesses must also live and work.


Henry Giroux’s “Rise of Neoliberalism” – More Leftist Propaganda or Naive Fantacy?

Whenever I read one of the anti-business, anti-free market manifesto’s, like Piketty’s “Capital”, Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine”, or Giroux’s “Rise of Neoliberalism”, I can’t tell if the author is a gov’t plant, propagandist, or they truly believe what they write. If they believe what they write, then what in their life formed their keen sense of imagination and fantasy? Do these people not realize that the arguments they make against neoliberalism are the same arguments that can be made against all forms of big govt – be it Socialism, Fascism, or Communism?

Who causes the economic “shocks” and false flags, and who benefits, and who has the power to thwart the opportunist? It doesn’t matter if the totalitarian power over people comes from a collaboration between large corporations and govt, or a complete govt monopoly, the result is the same – an unconstrained, centrally planned govt will ultimately go bankrupt and in the process forcibly drags society down with it, as govt runs out of other people’s money.

A recent example of this destructive trend is provided by Brazil, which just elected Rousseff on the pledges to deepen social benefits while simultaneously working to revive an economy. Good luck with that one. I guess as long as the masses keep believing these same oxymoronic promises, politicians will keep lying - just like Hillary, who recently stated at a fundraiser, “Don’t let anybody tell you it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs“. clip_image00211

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US Govt Promises to Forgive Student Loan Debt, IF …


Simon Black (Sovereign Man) published a piece that should tell you why we will crash and burn. It references Senate Bill 2826: the Strengthening Forgiveness for Public Servants Act, which promises to forgive a portion of student loan debt … if you become a public SERVANT (it only takes 10 years of servitude to get 30% of your debt forgiven, which insures you will stay a debt servant).

The Bill’s title alone should have told you to bend over. This devious bs is truly Orwellian. First, they promote loans for anyone with a pulse to hopefully obtain a degree that likely will not meet the repayment requirements, due to tuition prices being driven too high by too many loan dollars chasing too little education (literally). If the govt cared about students and prudent lending, student loan debt would still be expungeable through bankruptcy and govt would stop sucking the life’s blood (capital) out of the jobs market.

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