The Alternative is WWIII

Hint for the media: The Republican establishment, military, and their beneficiaries are also part of the establishment. Having these people speak out against Trump is no different than if they were the Democratic establishment. Nation building and endless undeclared wars have not been good for the US or the World, and it’s quickly leading to another World War, possibly involving nuclear weapons. On election day you will finally realize that it’s the people vs. the establishment.

Call to Action: Because the career politician is the root cause of our economic and foreign policy problems, EVERY incumbent and ANYONE that has held office before, must be voted out, EVERY election until the message is clear – NO MORE CAREER POLITICIANS!   PASS SHORT TERM-LIMITS, NOW!.


Congress Authorized Propaganda Against Americans

Back in 2013 when we wrote “Our American Pravda“, I had no idea that just two months later Congress would quietly pass a law that made it acceptable for the govt to perpetrate propaganda on American citizens, but it’s true. If you think that the propaganda of late is going over the top, you are right. With the passing of the “Smith-Mundt Modernization Act” of 2012, which was added to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in July 2013, the govt propaganda that is permitted in foreign countries, is now also permitted in the USA. Add in the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine, that forced networks to tell both sides of the story, and it should be clear that everything produced by govt and the media should only be consumed while floating in the great Salt Lake.
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After so many years of bold face lies by govt, their cronies and remora, along with the countless blog posts detailing the obvious propaganda, I was optimistic that the light bulb would go on by now. However, based on the parroting of talking points I constantly hear, there are still plenty of people lapping it up with gusto, with little knowledge of the actual facts, which is exactly how the establishment wants it.

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The Establishment Backs Hillary, Really?

The leaked DNC emails prove the obvious – the Democratic establishment is behind Hillary. I would assume that most of Sanders’ supporters understood the machine they were up against, just as Trump supporters knew the Republican establishment was dead set against Trump bringing an end to their crony money machine.

The question now becomes, will the people that voted for Bernie sell out like Bernie did, even though Hillary is on the opposite side of the most important issues that are destroying our country?  Conservatives overcame the Republican establishment, and booed the remaining holdout (Cruz and his Goldman Sachs buddies) at the Republican convention. It will be interesting to see if there are any Liberals that fight against the Democratic establishment. Sorry, the axing of Wasserman Schultz won’t cut it. Admittedly, as a wacho that got tongue tied trying to articulate the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist, she does make a convenient scape goat. However, the Democratic bench of central planners runs deep, and anyone that thinks the Clinton machine wasn’t pulling the strings of the DNC also believes Iraq still has WMD’s.

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The End of Global Warming — the New Ice Age and Warming War

Boots and a shovel may be helpful in the coming mini ice age, but they will be totally inadequate for digging out from under the massive pile of BS excreted yesterday from the govt’s human centipede that ended at the mouth of James Comey. Some think Comey’s testimony in front of Congress tomorrow will amount to anything other than Republicans trying to convince their constituents how tough they are, while never actually doing anything that is not in govt’s favor.

The last big cooling cycle occurred during the last revolutionary cycle, which produced the French and American revolutions. Peak govt / corruption is back and so is the next cooling cycle, but that will not stop the ethically challenged from voting for Crooked Hillary, or the Unicorn chasers from believing govt cares about pollution, while destroying their standard of living with punitive taxes, fees, and civil asset forfeitures.

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Remembering the 4th of July

As we look forward to the celebration of our INDEPENDENCE from the British Empire, I hope people will contemplate what it means to NOT be free. Would we be willing to sacrifice everything, as the Founders did, to maintain our freedom?

The American Revolution was about No Taxation Without Representation, which is also violated by having to pay income-killing taxes for past public debt that we never had a chance to vote on. Young people are being stuck with high taxes and a lower standard of living because past govt’s could not live within their means. Over 50% of our accumulated debts are from accumulated interest payments on the debt. We are being taxed for the past — not the present, and the youth need to get political active if they hope to have a free future.

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“You’re Not Laughing Now”

You gotta love Nigel Farage, especially when he tells the bureaucrats in Brussels to their face that they have probably never held a proper job or employed one person that was not paid for by someone else’s money.


I started highlighting Farage’s truth telling in front of the EU bureaucrats back in 2013, wishing someone like him would emerge in the US. Granted, Trump falls a bit short in the class category, but he has been the only one with big enough balls to stand up to the establishment.  As much as I wish Trump would go to school on Farage, it doesn’t matter. The cat is out of the bag. As long as Trump is not assassinated, I will take any and all steak dinner bets that Trump wins the election.

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Why Trump Does NOT Need a Big Campaign Budget

The establishment politicians and media have been crowing that the Clinton campaign budget dwarfs that of Trumps, as if wasting money on a borage of negative ads is a good thing. What they fail to realize is that they themselves are providing the fodder to gun down their failed and fraudulent policies and messages, which also proves how out of touch they are with the root problems destroying the world economy. Why spend money when your opponents are doing your job for you?

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The Propaganda Behind Guns

The latest propaganda on guns states that people on a no-fly or FBI list should not be able to buy guns. Ignoring the mistakes and politically-motivated reasons that would result in innocent people finding themselves on a list or that these people should already fail a normal background check, the Collectivist and naïve sheeple want sane people to believe that crazy criminals are going to stop buying guns if they are illegal. These are the same manipulative thinkers or non-thinkers that believe making drugs illegal will eliminate drugs, or caused prohibitionist to believe they could eliminate the drinking of alcohol.

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Obama’s 5-Point Plan to Thwart Domestic Terrorism

In a move that has left his cronies and sheeple dumbfounded, President Obama has announced a 5-Point Plan to thwart domestic terrorism and stimulate the economy.

First, he will cut the TSA budget to fund infrastructure and training projects that will provide gun ranges and gun safety and shooting classes for every town in the country. The President cited Switzerland’s low gun violence record as an example, where all citizens are expected to retain their military weapon after service.

Second, all “soft targets” will be eliminated by permitting concealed carry permit holders to carry anywhere they choose. The President stated that he found it oddly coincidental that all of the mass shootings around the world occurred where guns are not permitted. Fired TSA agents that prove they can walk and chew gum at the same time will be reassigned as security guards at public “soft targets” (i.e. schools, churches, movie theatres, malls, etc.).

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Why a Lawless Hillary Equals the Greatest Depression

If anyone needs more evidence as to why our economy and free society are circling the drain, look no further than this Rasmussen poll, that shows half of those polled, and 71% of Democrats, think Hillary should still run for president IF INDICTED. Do these people not understand the impact of lawlessness on an economy? It’s not a coincidence that the poorest countries in the world are also the most corrupt. Maybe now that a former Secret Service Agent, that stood guard at the Clinton White House, has blown the whistle on how the Clintons operate, some might wake up. If Snowden is any example, Gary Byrne better be ready for his character to be thoroughly assassinated. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if the media pointed the finger at the wrong-doer instead of shooting the messenger?


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